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What is "TripTip GLOBAL"...

TripTip GLOBAL is the platform that connects to the World.
News is limited to facilities for travelling and sightseeing.
$10 is charged from the second posting.

  • 1. Connect with Tourists all over the World

    TripTip GLOBAL offers fantastic news that allows users opportunities to enjoy WATCHING, STAYING, EATING or EXPERIENCING by posting such information as a sightseeing spot, traveler information, event or facility (amusement parks, hotels and restaurants, etc.).

  • 2. Publicity

    TripTip GLOBAL offers you the possibility to have your article published on other tourist websites.

  • 3. Sending Up-To-Date information

    TripTip GLOBAL offers the latest information and news on facilities and areas based on your search results.

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Tour information, Promotions, Digital, Advertising campaigns, Employment information, Special Local Products, Articles, etc.


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