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If you have been wondering about planning your next vacation around the globe then you might be tempted with the idea of choosing Egypt as your ultimate destination. It is a land of wonders with the history of the world echoing through the ages and carefully preserved historical artifacts to blow you away. You can plan your Egypt Tours with Getaways Egypt as we provide you with the most astonishing packages, facilitation, and a breezy experience that is hard to come by anywhere else.

If you are getting tempted about what you may find in Egypt then let us help you along in providing a clear-cut idea of the famous places and exploratory regions that are waiting for you there. First of all the pyramid of Giza is the ultimate place that you have to visit while in Egypt, it is the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. It is a true landmark that had tourists in complete awe while archeologists and designers scratching their heads over how the whole thing came to be all these years ago.

Moving on Islamic point of view, Cairo district is full of Mosques and Madrassas dating way back. The whole place is filled with beautiful small places of artisans and coppersmiths displaying their work and hardship. Furthermore the scenic beauty this place has to offer puts you right in the heart of ancient Egypt.

Alexandria is the second-largest city and home to a bustling seaport system in Egypt is located on the edge of the Mediterranean. Founded by Alexander himself in 331 BC the city has everything to offer an explorer can ever dream of.

Saqqara another beautiful city in Egypt that you must visit refers to the Egyptian village having a bundle of large and small pyramids scattered along the cavities of the vast desert.

Siwa Oasis is a place that Getaways Egypt recommends to include among places that you have to explore. It is located along the western border of Egypt and is home to a famous temple known as Oracle of Amun, people come to visit this beautiful place from all over the world.

Aswan is the southernmost city of Egypt and offers a cooler and relaxing vibe to the visitors as compared to other bustling cities such as Cairo or Luxor. It offers a more approachable version of the river Nile that seems broken into various small patches adding to the overall beauty and vibes of the place. So, talking about the River Nile, we are proud to say that we offer the best, luxurious, and lavish cruise trip. We make sure that you don’t miss out on any historical detail of the river.

If your very Travel to Egypt is based on seeking historical artifacts and such then your time will be well spent in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo as it offers the world’s greatest museum collections. You will be able to find a lot of exhibits there such as King Tutankhamen or the fascinating royal mummy’s exhibit. Every edge and corner of this place sparks historical artifacts and the old Egyptian civilization preserved under one roof.

Last but not least Memphis is also a place that is worth your time as it will provide you with the most rustic ancient vibes going on about Egypt but most of the historical monuments have been uprooted from here and sent to bigger cities such as Cairo or Luxor. But still, it provides you with a lot of other authentic historical culture which is the main event of this city.

This is just the beginning of the great cities and places that you will come across marching to Egypt and planning your trip with Getaways Egypt, there is so much more. Visit us today and finalize your dream trip now.



POSTER: Getaways Egypt


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