African safari for the disabled

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Wheelchair confined and hearing impaired persons safaris and holiday packages

Like say goes, “everyone is a candidate”; brink of an eye can see a health person being on a wheelchair the next minute. Most physically challenged persons were not born so, they just found themselves for one reason or another. Hearing impaired (deaf) are not left in our special safari and holiday for the disabled and physically challenged group. Thus, being physically challenged can no longer be a ticket to stop living ones life. Hence at Denhum Holidays, this category of holiday makers is well taken care of with special itineraries to cater for each group separately.


Depending on the nature of disability, safari jeeps are customized to cater for each making it easy to get in and out of the vehicle with a rail at the back acting at “runway” for the wheelchair.  However, for the deaf, we have special sign guide who accompany guests through out their holiday. Thus making it easy to communicate and guiding very easy and enjoyable without any communication breakdown.


The choice of accommodation is the key for the wheelchair confined guests. In every itinerary itinerary, a special care is take in selecting accommodation in properties that are wheelchair friendly and with rooms for the disabled. Accordingly, it’s important to communicate every details and nature of disability when doing the booking. Thus making it easy and preparations done as per specification and requirements. Wheelchair friendly include Lake Nakuru Sopa lodge, Flamingo hill camp, Lake Naivasha Sopa lodge, Ashnil Mara camp and Sarova Mara camp.


Though each itinerary is customized and arranged as per request, we’ve tailored itineraries that departs every year for group safari. There are 4 group tailored safari and holiday for the disabled and hearing impaired itinerary. Every first Monday of July and September, we’ve group 8 days safari departure for wheelchair confined persons. Each itinerary is careful tailored to allow one time to relax after a long day having an extra day in each place with less activities. Itinerary starts with 2 nights in Nairobi, 2 nights at the rift Valley at lake Naivasha Sopa lodge. 3 nights at Mara Sarova camp or Ashnil Mara camp.

For hearing impaired, the itinerary is flexible and can book any of our listed itinerary on the website or have one customized. However, as special sign guide will accompany each group for communication purposes.

Beach holiday extension

Safari extension to the beach is optional, however we’ve pure beach holiday packages with safari being option. same booking criterial and care is take when doing the booking and arrangements.

POSTER: Denhum Holidays


For as long as I can remember, wildlife and travel has been my passion, hence I complemented it by doing a degree in Tourism management. Joined Denhum Holidays in 1999 and with my extensive wealth of knowledge having grown in the system, I guarantee first hand information to help you decide on the best itinerary for your safari and holiday in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.