Safe African countries to travel

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Is Kenya among Safe Africa Countries to travel?

Updated regularly, the world global index ranking of safe African countries to visit is  based on various factors. However, the safe countries to visit in Africa has steadily ranked Kenya on top. Importantly to mention with isolation of its boarder with Somalia, the lest of the country is safe. Like any other tourist destination, caution is a personal responsibility.

Why Kenya tops in safe African countries to visit?

Several factors comes in to mind when answering this question. Among the top being personal responsibility in way ones is cautiously handling himself or herself. One cannot go down town in any city exposing expensive jewelries and expect me safe. Likewise, going to night clubs in unsecure neighborhood too can be disastrously.

Nevertheless, Kenya is largely a safe destination not only because of security agents everywhere but also nature of Kenyans. Kenyan people are welcoming and hospitable by nature, local communities will always give a listening ear to strangers. Tourist destinations and areas visited by tourist have high securities maned by both regular police and tourist dedicated police force. National parks have good roads and security maned by dedicated Kenya wildlife service forces.

Are safaris in Kenya safe?

99% of safaris in Kenya are safe, however its not advisable to ignore travel advisories against visiting close to Somalia boarder. Otherwise the rest on the country is safe and recommended to explore parks during safari in Kenya such as masai mara and Amboseli. Other best Kenya safari areas include Samburu, Tsavo, Nakuru, Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, beach holidays at the Kenyan coast among others.

Where to safari in Kenya?Safe African Countries to Travel

As indicated in above paragraph, the best Kenya safaris areas includes the national parks and national reserves. Privately owned wildlife conservancies where most boarders and serves as “overflow” of wildlife national parks and reserves like Olpejeta

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