Hassan Conteh: The multi-talented Sierra Leonean

POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

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Hassan Conteh is a young multi-talented Sierra Leonean who is 21 years of age. He graduated from high school in 2017 with a good university scores. After his graduation from high school, he was unable to attend university and pursue his dream career. A good thing about him is that, he is always ready to take another turn if the other does not work; due to his parent’s financial status, he could not pursue higher education at the time of his graduation from high school, he decided to find another way just for him to engage himself and be the person he wants to be. He decided to enroll himself in one of the prestigious computer institute to explore and further enhance his skill in the information technology field. He finished all the certificate courses within a year and due to his excellence participation during his course of study, he was hired by the same institution to serve as a training manager. He is now the serving as the administrative head and also training manager in the institution. My vast knowledge in the field of technology made me to find opportunities on the web for people like me and I came across the University of the People; an online university based in the United States of America. I became a student in 2019 and I am currently pursuing Bsc. in Computer Science.

Hassan Conteh has also been very supportive and a role model to many people that he has taught in the field of computer studies and high school students. He is a writer that has written many  poems, articles and quotes which has helped to motivate people to be self determined towards their goals. He is also a content writer and blog writer; his blog posts has been very influential in today’s world. Despite his love for writing, he is also a graphic designer, digital artist or painter, motivational and inspirational speaker, dancer, and singer. He alone has managed to exhibit all these talents without forgoing none. He is really a young multi-talented Sierra Leonean that will help in inspiring more young people around the world. Hassan Conteh have recently discovered that he could be a social media activist because of his numerous participation in different online advocacy platforms, he has been very active in making sure the right thing is done.

Hassan Conteh is indeed an upcoming developmental, inspirational, motivational and intellectual young person who is ready to push forward narratives that will change the lives of young people to a positive one. He has made a lot of strides with his little that he done so far and he is still making strides even in the midst of challenges. His talents can be developed to another height if all necessary supports are given to him.

“We all have gifts, things that we can do perfect even without a teacher; imagine if that gift is further strengthened, enhanced and developed, definitely, we will make a better progress towards building a brighter future for all us” Hassan Conteh

He has made a lot of motivational videos that are streaming now on YouTube, he has also made a lot of paintings which one of them can be seen below:

Hassan Conteh's digital painting

Hassan Conteh’s digital painting

The above painting was done by Hassan Conteh and that is just one his digital painting he drew that depicts a male and a female on a billboard.

His talents are gaining a lot recognition daily and he is making sure that his dream of becoming a person that will inspire people to do good things come true.

He is also a social media influencer and he is on many social platforms which he exhibits most of his wonderful skills like blogging, activist, advocacy and many more.

You can follow and subscribe to his platforms for updates and supports, let’s support him and encourage him to do more:

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POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

I am Hassan Conteh, a Sierra Leonean, 21 years of age, pursuing Bsc in Computer science at the University of the people. I am a writer, philanthropist, activist, CEO and Founder of Talented Young Leaders Movement and an IT specialist.