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Affordable Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours.

The majestic Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Itineraries is an inactive stratovolcano in northern Tanzania. Touching the border with Kenya. Standing at 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level.  Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free-standing snow-covered dormant volcano.

Nearly 75,000 people climb Kilimanjaro every year. So it is not the most untouched mountain, nor is it the toughest to trek. However, it is certainly a test of one’s endurance and determination. With altitude sickness being the main reason for the hikers not to summit.

Every mountain is unique and different from each other Kilimanjaro Trekking Itineraries.  In Tanzania, most climbers opt for Affordable Trekking Tours and Mount Meru. Mt Kilimanjaro, famously known as the “Roof of Africa”, stands almost 6000 meters above sea level and a wonderful mountain to explore the unique flora and fauna of the untouched rain forests.

There are six routes to summit the peak. Such as Shira Route. Umbwe Route. Machame Route, Marangu Route. Rongai Route. and Lemosho Route. Each route has its own pros and cons. Some are great for beautiful scenery.  Some are great for acclimatization and some are great for high summit success rates.  But are also quite crowded at certain times of the year.

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Kilimanjaro Routes with an itinerary

Marangu routes regard as the best and easier to climb Kilimanjaro. It takes long trekking between 5 Day Marangu Route to 6 Day Marangu Route to reach the top of Kilimanjaro free-standing volcanic mountain. Famously known as the “Coca Cola route” – the Marangu route is one of the most popular routes leading to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

It is considered the easiest route as the ascent on this route is constant and moderate with only the final leg to the summit slightly more challenging. Marangu is the only route that offers communal sleeping huts, equipped with beds and mattresses at every overnight site. The Marangu route uses the same ascent and descent route.

Machame Route

Kilimanjaro trekking ToursThe best and popular route with a scenic view,  how long does it take? It will take you almost 6 Days  Machame Route to 7 Days Machame Route to reach the top! Depending on the day you want to climb Kilimanjaro we can organize it for you.  The Machame route is one of the most beautiful and most popular trekking tours on Kilimanjaro. It is suitable for more exploratory hikers who wish for an added physically demanding climb than other routes. It presents stunning views of Mount Meru, Shira Ridge, and Kibo summit as you make your move through the lush rainforest, moorland, and alpine desert.

Rongai Route

Kilimanjaro climbingThe Rongai route begins on the side of the mountain close to the Kenyan border.  Running on the dry northeast side of Kilimanjaro. It takes a long drive to get to the starting point. It is the only route that approaches from the north and can be drier than most routes even in the rainy season. This route is less crowded, moderately steep, crosses a beautiful alpine desert zone, and allows for good views towards Kenya and the Kibo summit. You will have an acclimatization day on day 5 at Mawenzi Tarn. The decent will follow the Marangu route. How long does it take? Climbing and trekking through this route will take you 6-Day Rongai Route to 7-Day Rongai Route Kilimanjaro hiking.

7 Days Rongai Route climb Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Route

How long does it take to trekking Kilimanjaro through Lemosho Route? 7 Days Lemosho Route to 8 Days Lemosho Route-Kilimanjaro Hiking. Lemosho is regarded as the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro as it offers panoramic views of various sides of the mountain. It features all the benefits, offering, and success ratio of Machame Route by starting further round to the West. This route leads you over the spectacular Shira Plateau and avoids the crowds on the early part of the Machame Route at the same time. The extra day on this 8-day tour gives you the opportunity to better acclimatize, thus increasing your chances of reaching the top.

Affordable Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours | 8 day Lemosho route

Umbwe Route

Umbwe Route is an ideal route for those, who want a challenging climb, and are very confident in their ability to trek over consistently steep slopes. The  Route success rate is low, normally the route takes seven days to summit Kilimanjaro. Book your Umbwe Route today. All the routes, Umbwe is by far the most scenic albeit steeper route up the mountain. The Rongai is the easiest camping route and the Marangu is also easy, but accommodation is in huts.

As a result, this route tends to be very busy and ascent and descent routes are the same. Although the Rongai route is a flatter walk, it offers fewer opportunities for acclimatization. At 5,895m (19,340 feet) above sea level, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.

Aided by its relatively easy ascent – Kilimanjaro has become a major destination for mountaineers and trekkers from around the world.  To reach Kibo, or Uhuru Peak, the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, namely, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira, Umbwe, and Machame.

Being one of the most popular mountains in the world, more than 50,000   trekkers every year try to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. To Climb Kilimanjaro has an average summit success rate across all climbers and routes are 95% depending on the route you will take. How does it take? If you wish to reach the top through the Umbwe route you suppose to 7 Days Umbwe Route.

Shira Route

Kilimanjaro treksHow long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro through the Shira route? Book 6 Day Shira Route Kilimanjaro trekking here with us via the Shira route. Shira Route is a remote and beautiful path where you may come across fewer crowds, as it’s well suited to those with prior backpacking experience and a high level of fitness. The trail of Shira Route begins near Shira Ridge. This route is almost similar to the Lemosho route. However, Climbing Kilimanjaro Tours through the Shira route was the original route and Lemosho is the improved variation. Although Shira Possesses a diverse and beautifully scenic route, it is less favorable than Lemosho due to the relatively high altitude of the starting point of Shira. Hikers can experience little altitude sickness symptoms on the first day while camping on 11,800 feet higher. See review here on TripAdvisor.

Interesting in Kilimanjaro climbing and trekking tour to Tanzania? View our best deals and special offers, prices, and costs of Kilimanjaro. climb Mount Kilimanjaro Itineraries and routes.

Marangu Route

Known as the “Coca-Cola” route, the Marangu route, it’s the easiest route to get at the top of the mountain.  (how long does it take Marangu Route to reach the peak? (Always it take 5 – 6 Days to reach Gilman point/ Uhuru peak.)

Marangu route is the most popular route on the mountain. It is the only route that offers sleeping huts with drinks like Coca-Cola on the way.

Considered to be the most tourist-friendly region, Marangu is the easiest route on Kilimanjaro. The ascent profile is very gradual and steady and allows painless trekking for most of the way. The route is mostly chosen by inexperienced climbers, due to its reputation as an easy route.

The trek starts from the southeast area of the mountain at Marangu Gate. The accommodation along the route offers a dining hall and bunk beds, well equipped with mattresses and pillows. It is also cheaper to climb, due to the close proximity of the gate to Moshi. The descent is through the same path, contributing to Marangu’s cramped feeling.

Scenically, Marangu is not that much attractive as compared to other routes. However, the trek is through the trail of the rainforest. Still, it offers great views of the Mawenzi. Marangu is a good choice for the hikers, who are less confident about their ability to hike over steeper paths.

Kilimanjaro Marangu Route is the only route that offers a residence style of accommodation to visitors. So book your tour to Kilimanjaro Marangu today. The Trekker will ascent and descent through the same trail experiencing 5 and 6 Days Hiking.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Free.

Is it possible to climb Kilimanjaro for free? Yes, it’s possible to climb Kilimanjaro for free without incurring any cost when you arrive here for your expeditions.

What can I do so I can climb Kilimanjaro for free?

Things you can do so you will have a free Kilimanjaro trekking is to organized a group of like-minded people/ trekkers, students, businesses people, travelers, and everyone who will like to trek from 10+ people who will help you to pay for your free Kilimanjaro trekking & Hiking. Contact us today to organize your Kilimanjaro Hiking.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is the tallest within the nation and the world’s most noteworthy free-standing top. Presented with an assorted run of vegetation and fauna and the base, as one climbs to the summit of this mountain, they will get to witness a difference of what they get within the base.

Rising up to a height of 5,895m, the summit is decorated with screes and stays secured with snow amid the winters. On a Mount Kilimanjaro climbing undertaking, in spite of the fact that it might not seem so, but be mindful as you may be offered with a run of challenges; moo oxygen level and rough passes are two of the foremost exceptional impediments!

Exclude for free Kilimanjaro hiking tours

  • Tips for guides, porters, and cook
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Lunches, dinners, and drinks at your hotel before and after the climb.
  • International flights (from/to home) and local flights
  • Tips (tipping guideline US$20.00 pp per day guides, Porter 15per person per day)
  • Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)

What is the best month to climb Kilimanjaro? The best month to Kilimanjaro is during the dry season. Avoid the month of April and May due to heavy rainfall.

how long does it take to descend Kilimanjaro?

You can take a minimum of 5 Days to Ascend Mount Kilimanjaro at Uhuru peak/ Stella point takes 8 hrs.  How long does it take to get down Kilimanjaro? it will take at least 2 Days or  12 hours to descent and reach the Mweka gate.

POSTER: Foot Slopes Tours and Safaris Ltd

COUNTRY: Tanzania, United Republic of

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