Island Peak Climbing

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Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing adventure is an extraordinary and widely popular adventure in an enormously blessed Himalayan Destination. Existing gloriously in the Khumbu region amongst the greatest of nature’s astounding creations, Island Peak Climb Journey is truly magnificent and captivating.You shall be thrilled yet calmed with the gorgeous natural existence of the peak among all other glories that surround.

A peak for the lovers of extreme adventures:

Island Peak also wonderfully known as ImjaTse, is a rare wonder beautifully thriving at the elevation of 6,189 meters giving an eye of challenge to those nomads who are in love with extreme adventures.  Island Peak Climb is seeking for those who are seeking for its challenges.  The summit of Island Peak is a rare achievement wanted by many but undertaken by a very few enthusiasts of adventure. Don’t you wish to be counted among the few of them?

Delightfully laid down Island peak Climb Route:

However, it’s not just the climb that catches the heart of adventurers but the whole Island Peak Climb route is spread out with magical wilderness as well as local human settlements radiating warmth and beauty which are bound to lure you into this exceptional Island Peak Climbing Journey over and over again. Its beauty is the only thing one should be warned about because you will surely be gasping with the over pouring of bliss from your heart and soul.

A connected adventure with Everest Base Camp Trek:

Similarly, you will be heading all the way to Everest Base Camp as a part of the Everest Base Camp Trek which connects you closer and closer to the astonishing Island Peak. Throughout the Island Peak trek and climb, you will encounter tiny and cozy settlements where the Himalayan beauties will greet you with smiles as the mountains on the backdrop will certainly be cherry on top. We will be moving swiftly through the gorgeous existences of Everest like Monjo, Namche Bazaar, GorakShep, Dingboche, Chukung and similar wondrous spots laid down by the exceptional natural state of the Solukhumbu region. Likely to that, isn’t it exciting to know that you will be exploring two base camps in one go? The Everest Base Camp and the beautiful Island Peak Base Camp at 5,380m and 5,087 m respectively. The whole journey is phenomenal and is sure to leave a beautiful mark on your memory.

The beauty of the challenges of summiting Island Peak:

If you are an experienced climber and trekker, then this is one of those peaks meant for your summit. Summiting Island Peak is not something that anybody dares to undertake. It is challenging and demanding but equally rewarding with so much more. It is a thrilling adventure that excites a nomadic heart to its core. In addition to that, the beauty of this adventure enhances and shines more in its own Island Peak Climb Season which are the spring and the autumn season. The climb can also be carried out in other seasons but it won’t be similar to the experience brought by the perfect seasons of autumn and spring. Mountains have their own way of unfolding in the right Island Peak Climb Weather and season.

Rewards of Island Peak climb adventure:

The amazing journey rewards us with the company of mesmerizing peaks like Pokalde, Lhotse, Cholatse, Nuptse, Pangboche and many other peaks existing gloriously in the region of Khumbu. You will be smiling with your soul at the encounters of such wonders and god knows how your heart will contain the happiness when it sees the wondrous wildlife habituated in the wilderness of Everest confined within the area of Sagarmatha National Park. Wild Yak, Himalayan Thar, snow leopard, musk deer and many other animals can be encountered on those days when luck favors us. The Everest region is wide and filled with great possibilities. Witnessing those possibilities in the Island Peak climb adventure is absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Experience needed for Climbing Island Peak:

Climbing Island Peak requires hard-work and training which will be provided before we conduct the climb. Exercising and keeping oneself fit is the basic requirement for summiting the peak. Having experience of mountain walking and even climbing will come of great advantage in the Island Peak Climb in Everest of Nepal. You can also conduct the Island Peak Climb from Chukung which is separately known as the Chukung Island Climbing in which the trek to chukung is connected with the Climb of Island Peak where the mountaineers are met at Chukung. If there lies the will, there are delightful ways to bring that will into the reality. You can certainly know more about the team who will help you in enhancing your experience.

Unique tastes to experience in Island Peak Expedition:

Bending a little away from that, the heart of an explorer will be dancing with joy after all the encounters and all the unique experiences in the journey. The taste of the local mountain food will take your whole body and spirit to a different setting of the world. Similarly, the monasteries will bring a sense of harmony and peace in the adventure whereas the chilly mountain air will refresh you while the constant change in the altitude will demand your utmost strength both mentally and physically.  The Island Peak Expedition is not just about the thrills rather it is about the total of mountain glory that needs to be felt and even protected from an individual’s potential as a part of responsible travel.

Risk of altitude Sickness in Island Peak Hike:

There is not stopping in the change of landscape scenarios and altitudes. Thus, arises the risk of altitude sickness which brings various symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headaches and others. However, our Island Peak Climb Itinerary has been prepared very carefully making sure that the risk of altitude sickness remains outside the bars of your body. There are thoughtfully planned acclimatization days in which one shall hike to short distances to get accustomed to the mountain environment. There will be the conduct of exercises as well. One of the exciting part is also the amazing Island Peak Hike to Kalapatthar. The hike will give some stretch to the muscles and will make you friendly with the mountains.

The most sought after adventure:

The extraordinary existence of this adventure in Khumbu has made this Island Peak Climbing Package one of the most sought after adventure in Khumbu. It is very popular among enthusiastic adventurers from all over the world despite all the challenges it puts forward to its seekers. The whole Island Peak Climb Trip is a wonder in itself and its existence. One cannot even imagine to think of all the beauty the Journey showcases yet hides for itself. Blessed by nature in its finest ways, Island Peak Climb Holiday will strengthen both your body and soul while energizing you spirit. It is daring, demanding, challenging, questioning but overall there is nothing like summiting the peak feared by many. Island Peak definitely wishes to look you in the eye while holding you up in its head. The surreally beautiful Island Peak waits for you to climb and feel the sense of pride and glory that comes from the share of your existence with the remarkable existence of Island Peak.

Following steps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa:

This amazing Peak is the one which was undertaken for summit as a training peak by the first steppers of Mount Everest; Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.  Following their steps is indeed a dream of many mountain climbing lovers which can be made true with one decision and a lot of dedication. The Island Peak exploration is filled with the learning of new skills in each step of the way. Either we learn from the Journey or we will learn to undertake the journey as the journey continues. It is a continued process of evolution of mind, body and soul and that is what a true nomad strives for.

A journey leading to a great feeling of glory:

Island Peak Summit in Nepal gives you enormous stories to tell for a lifetime and a heart healing glory to feel until the end of time. No number of words can contain what the adventurous journey of Island Peak climb has in store. The Island Peak awaits for nomads like you who have eagerness yet enough patience to deal with divine mountain glories like the Island Peak itself. Get ready to be thrilled, stunned, mesmerized and return with a completely different sense of pride. You are absolutely one decision far from reaching the top of the mouth gasping Island Peak and its surreal rewards in the form of scenes, fresh water streams, waterfalls, wild flowers, wild herbs and animals, hanging bridges, tiny settlements and so much more.

Come share the journey with us at Nepal Nomad:

Our experienced and passionate mountain climbers will guide you all the way to the top while the glory will all be yours since it’s only through your dedication and effort that the summit of Island Peak can be made possible. With the proper use of Island Peak trek and climb guides, Island Peak Climb Route Map and Island Peak Climber as well as all the necessary mountain climbing equipment, one will be soaring high up with the astounding Island Peak.If you truly wish to experience what it’s like to stand on top of the gorgeous Island peak, then Nepal Nomad is here to assist you in bringing your wish to reality.  So get excited and contact us for any solving of doubts or preparation of a customized Island Peak Climbing Itinerary.

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