The 5 Best Tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek

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The Everest Base Camp Trek has established itself as one of the best treks in the world. Each year, the trekking destination receives many travelers. If you are also thinking about the same EBC Trek, then we might help you. Find the top five most valuable tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek below.

Stay Hydrated 

If you are trekking to the Everest Base Camp, then hydration is very important. You need to drink at least 4–5 liters of water each day. Our bodies dehydrate faster at high altitudes compared to sea level. Thus, taking a sip of water at a regular interval is very important. Also, remember that staying hydrated also helps you tackle altitude sickness.

Know about altitude sickness

The height of Everest Base Camp is 5364 m. So, you are likely to get altitude sickness at that height. If you don’t know how to handle an altitude sickness, you may ruin your trip. Also, if not taken care of at an early stage, the case can worsen and you might end up in a hospital in Kathmandu being brought up by a helicopter.

Carry the right gear.

Packing the right gear before hitting the trails is very important for every hike. While you plan for the Everest Base Camp Trek, make sure you pack all the equipment. As you know, the mountains are always cold. Pack warm and light clothes. Similarly, buy the right hiking boots, gloves, etc. Also, don’t forget to buy sun hats, sunscreens, and glasses to protect yourself from the UV rays and direct sunlight.

Break in the shoes beforehand.

Don’t come to the trail with new hiking shoes. Wear it beforehand, go on a hike on the off roads and make yourself comfortable with it. I see many people coming with new trekking shoes and they end up having blisters and cuts on their feet. Thus, make sure the shoes are the right fit and don’t create any complications while walking on the gravel and in the snow too.

Choose the right trekking agency.

Many international companies provide the Everest Base Camp trek package in collaboration with local ones. So, if you are sure about it, book the trip with a local company. By doing so, you will pay a fair price for the trip. Booking with an international company means you will have to pay the commission fees that are incurred while partnering with a local agency. Another good reason for trekking with a local company is that your money directly goes to the local community, which helps them sustain their lives. You can think of local companies like Heaven Himalaya while looking for the EBC Trek package.

In the end, 

These were the best tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. I hope you have a good trekking experience. Finally, please remember this mantra while trekking to the Everest Base Camp: “Walk Slow and Take Time to Enjoy the Views.”

POSTER: Heaven Himalaya


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