Enjoy Saga While Staying in Taiwan

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it is not possible to travel abroad.

Taiwanese customers who enjoyed the scenery and foods have disappeared from tourist spots across Saga Prefecture.

It’s very unfortunate, but we are thankful for all the Taiwanese people who have energized Saga.

In hopes of conveying the gratitude of the people of Saga to the people of Taiwan, we are conducting a campaign to introduce Saga products in collaboration with Tigerair Taiwan.

Tigerair Taiwan campaign site http://2020saga.tigerairtw.com/  ◇


Currently, it is not possible to go on sightseeing trips from Taiwan to Japan, but this site will introduce items from Saga prefecture that you can enjoy in Taiwan.


One example is Japanese beef, an item also popular with Taiwanese. There are various brands of Wagyu beef all over Japan. Among them, the term Saga beef can only be used for beef that has cleared particularly strict standards among Japanese beef produced in Saga prefecture. This exquisite, high-standard Saga beef is now available for purchase on Tigerair Taiwan’s online shopping site for a limited time! Why not take this opportunity to taste Saga beef for yourself?

Next time you go sightseeing in Japan, please remember to try it at your favorite places.


◇Tigerair Taiwan mail order site https://tigerselect.tigerairtw.com/

Photo courtesy of Saga Prefecture Tourism Federation


More than just beef, Saga Prefecture is also famous for its delicious sake. Now, there are sakes from Saga prefecture you can buy in Taiwan. After discovering your favorite sake in Taiwan, don’t forget to visit the brewery of your favorite sake someday soon.


Photo courtesy of Saga Prefecture Tourism Federation


Beyond Saga beef and sake the campaign site also introduces a variety of Saga products. Plus, there is plenty of information on recommended sightseeing destinations in Saga Prefecture.

In addition to the campaign site, Tigerair Taiwan’s Facebook page will also hold a campaign where you can win wonderful gifts, so don’t miss it!


Tigerair Taiwan’s direct flight to Saga Airport is the most convenient way to visit Saga Prefecture. If you are using Saga Airport, you can rent a car at a bargain by making a reservation in advance.

It’s especially perfect for those considering a trip to explore various places off the beaten path.


Photo courtesy of Saga Prefecture Tourism Federation


There are many open-air spots in Saga prefecture that have been attracting attention recently. Enjoy dynamic activities at Forest Adventure Yoshinogari, opened just this year, and be soothed by watching cute animals at Donguri Village. Another recommendation is to rent a bicycle and enjoy the city.



Photo courtesy of Saga Prefecture Tourism Federation


If you can’t visit Japan now, why not enjoy what Saga has to offer while in Taiwan and start planning your future vacation in Saga.

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