The Spring Promotion of Yatsushiro Original Book Cover



DMO Yatsushiro released the original book cover as part of the spring promotion. This book cover is designed with Jinrikisha and Yatsushiro castle ruins and is distributed at 19 bookstores and libraries in Fukuoka prefecture. It is a booklet size (A6) and comes with a Jinrikisha tour and excursion boat coupon that can be used by 31st August 2018. Also World Walking Day Japan 2018 will be held from May 11th. Would you like to visit Yatsushiro City?


【Yatsushiro original book cover】

  • Release date: 1stMarch 2018
  • Number of issued: 8000
  • Distribution:

<Fukuoka Prefecture>

・Kinokuniya Fukuoka main store, Tenjin IMS store

・Maruzen Hakata store

・Sekibunkan Shintencho main store, Tenjin underground street store, Otabe store , Yame store store, Yume town Omuta store

・Fukuoka City Library (Sawara ward), Fukuoka City Higashi Library (Higashi ward), Fukuoka Central Library (Chuo Ward), Hakata Library (Hakata ward)


<Kumamoto Prefecture>

・Meirindo Musashigaoka store/Asouda store/Nagamine store/ Shirayama store (Kumamoto City) /Yume town Yatsushiro store

・Kinokuniya Kumamoto Hamasen store(Kumamoto City) / Hikarinomori store (Kikuyo town)


Contact us: DMO Yatsushiro

Phone 0965-31-8200


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