Hidden Gourmet of Tottori Prefecture

Speaking of ramen, we can usually see the soy sauce, the miso, the salt, the pork bone, ramen soup. There are various tastes and arrangements which depend on each shop and region. We can even say that ramen is the quintessential Japanese soul food.


Beef bones have become a hot topic among ramen fans as the third most popular soup after pork bones and chicken. In Tottori Prefecture, beef bone ramen has been popular since ancient times. Especially in Kotoura Town and Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture, it is a menu provided not only in the ramen specialty store but also in the popular dining room and restaurant. Beef bone ramen is made from beef bone and soy sauce which is popular among local people.


Beef bone-based ramen is extremely rare even if it is nationwide, but its history goes back about 70 years ago. In Tottori prefecture, which has a large mountain and has been active in cattle production for a long time, beef bones were relatively easy to obtain. At that time, people who came back from the end of the war from China started making ramen using cheap and easily available beef bones.


The “Tottori Beef Bone Ramen Group” has been launched to spread the deliciousness of this ramen not only to the people of Tottori but also to all over the country.


The group is creating a beef bone ramen map that introduces the stores, exhibiting at the Tokyo ramen show, developing a menu with carefully selected local ingredients and promoting it. Also stamp rally and various events are also held.




Original goods about cattle bone ramen is on sale

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