You can enjoy the dance of the ‘Karakuri’ puppets and see Japanese festival cars on Okada Haru Matsuri (spring festival).

This event will be held in the Chita city, the northwestern part of Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture. In this place, many festivals have been protected from old times. One of them is the Okada Haru Matsuri (spring festival). This is a lively festival with three Japanese festival cars (designated cultural properties of the city) lined up in front of the gate. Each of the Japanese festival cars has their name “sunny car(日車)” “rainy car(雨車)” and “windy car(風車)”. You can enjoy a splendid dance of ‘Karakuri’ puppets on the festival cars. A lantern procession that children love will also be held.


Okada Haru Matsuri (Spring festival)

Schedule: Every April

Location: Okada daimon MAE (Okada big gate)


Chita City Tourist Association

Tel: 0562-51-5637

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