On March 28, 2020, the third exhibition room of Mashiko Ceramic Art Museum will be held in the 19th exhibition room of Mashiko International Crafts Exchange Project 2019 artist in residence, Irina Rasmoffaya, and Jennifer Lee.


The Mashiko International Industrial Exchange Business is an artist in residence business, which started in Mashiko town in May 2014, to promote the exchange between the MASHIKO Town, the domestic and foreign artists, and the sharing of Mashiko’s Ceramic Art (craft) culture. In this exhibition, we exhibit the works of the Russian ceramic artist (Irina Razumovskaya), who had been working as a public offering artist in the spring of 2019, and Jennifer Lee, a British ceramic artist invited in autumn, with his original works and photographs.


Opening hours: 9:30-17:00

Free admission

March 31 (Tuesday) to April 11 (Saturday)


MASHIKO Ceramic Art Museum

Tel: 0275-72-7555 Fax: 0275-72-7600

Website:  http://www.mashiko-museum.jp/

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