If you love her, take her to enjoy the wisteria flowers.

Do you love flowers? If you are a flower lover, you should not miss the wisteria garden, one of the 31 most beautiful places in Japan located in the southern mountains of Kitakyushu. The garden called ‘Kawachi Fujien’ is located in Kawachi town, Yahata Higashi district, Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture.


You can go by JR train to Yahata station and then take the free bus (9:00 ~ 18:00) to the garden. But in high seasons, waiting for the bus takes you a long time, so people will choose to go faster by calling a taxi (about 20 minutes).



The area is about 6000 square meters. There are 150 trees, 22 types of wisteria with different colors. The feature of these flowers is blooming in layers, dropping in clusters with blue, pink, white, yellow and the most common is purple.



Stepping into the decorated tunnel, I felt like I was in a fairy tale.  I swear that the fragrant floral scent mixed with the sweetness spreading around really makes you feel comfortable.



Do you know the meaning of this flower? For Japanese people, these flowers symbolize eternal love because the roots of them are very deep and firm. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?



The best time to contemplate these flowers is from mid-April to mid-May. The timing of the blooming season is right at the Golden Week of Japan so it’s easy to have the traffic jams or run out of tickets. You can book tickets in advance at convenience stores such as 7eleven or Family Mart to avoid being unable to entry.



There are many domestic as well as foreign tourists come here to contemplate this beautiful garden every year. In addition, it is also opened for tourists to enjoy red leaves in the fall. I’d like to come again to experience the autumn atmosphere!





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