Motonosumi Shrine A beautiful natural picture with more than 100 red gates and blue sea

If you are in two minds about choosing a suitable place for Obon vacation, I recommend that Motonosumi Shrine will be an ideal destination.

Motonosumi shrine was built in 1955 and located in Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture. It is said to be a shrine dedicated to the guardian deity, hoping that fishermen will have a safe voyage as well as run a smooth business.


The most special feature of the temple is the more than 100 red Torii gates lying in succession stretching over 100 meters from the entrance to the temple. In 2015, Motonisumi Temple was voted in the list of 31 most beautiful sights in Japan (Japan’s 31 most beautiful places) and became a tourist spot attracting not only domestic but also foreign tourists.



The Torii Gate is the traditional Japanese gate, most commonly found in every entrance or shrine. It symbolizes the transition from this world to the sacred gate.

You can come here by car or by train. The closest station to Motonosumi Shrine is Nagato-Furuichi Station. It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach the temple from this station. You can also take a taxi or use a car rental service.

Normally they allow tourists to enter the Torii gates to take pictures, but unfortunately I just could shoot some pictures from the outside when I went.



If you pass through those red gates, you will see a big rock. You won’t know what a beautiful view behind the rocks is until you climb it.



It was a rock, I didn’t know how to name it properly, but it was a large rock in the middle of the sea. I can swear that if you see this view, your fatigue will disappear immediately. You can see the sky, mountains and sea from here. I’m sure you can have a beautiful album with a lot of great photos after going.


Are you ready? Let’s go!!!!


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