Explore Nagasaki City in 1day

Speaking of Nagasaki, you may think of an important international trading port in western Japan, or you may think of the city as one of the three major Chinesetowns in Japan. An atomic bomb was also dropped on Nagasaki after Hiroshima during World War II. Today, many people visit Nagasaki by cruise ships.


I wanted to visit not only Nagasaki but also other parts of Kyushu, so I used the 3-day unlimited bus ticket instead of the cruise ship.

Nagasaki was the first place in Kyushu where the cherry blossoms bloom in March, and I wanted to go to Nagasaki because it was after I visited Hiroshima, which was also the site of the atomic bombing.


One of the most famous places in Nagasaki Prefecture is Nagasaki City and the other is Sasebo city. Since I was limited on time, I only explored Nagasaki city. Now, let’s take a look at some of the scenic routes for a day trip in Nagasaki!




The transportation in Nagasaki is similar to Hiroshima and very convenient. As the main means of transportation, trams go around the city. No matter how far you ride, the fare is 130 yen and it is postpaid. I recommend the “one-day ticket” that allows you to travel around the tourist spots efficiently. The price is 500 yen.


The Nagasaki Peace Park

The Peace Park, located on a hill north of the site of the atomic bombing, was created as a symbol of a pledge to never repeat the tragedy of the war and a wish for world peace. Nagasaki is one of only two cities in the world to have suffered an atomic bombing. Therefore, a visit to Nagasaki is essential to see the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park. The Peace Park showcases the remains of the A-bomb and related documents. The huge bronze Peace Statue is a symbolic prayer for peace.


Meganebashi Bridge

Our next stop is Megane(glasses) Bridge. This bridge reminds me of waterfront towns in China. Japanese historical documents indicate that this bridge is “the first stone arch bridge in Japan”. It is said to be named after the shadows on the river’s surface, which form a twin circle and look like “glasses”. The water was very clear, and I saw red and gold carps in the water.

There is also a sculpture of a Japanese girl and a Chinese boy next to the bridge, which is very impressive.




Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown, not far from Megane Bridge, is one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan, along with Yokohama and Kobe. The streets of Shinchi Chinatown are stone-lined like the streets of an old Chinese town.




Oranda-zaka (Dutch Slope)

Oranda-zaka is a small slope, is a stone-paved street leading up a hillside. Along the slope, there is a Western-style house, “Higashiyama Tekko 13 Bankan”. The first floor is a coffee shop and the second floor is a memorial hall. Admission is free, so you can feel free to drop by. After that, I went through the slope to the Glover Garden.


Glover Garden

Glover Garden is Japan’s oldest wooden Western-style building, located on a small hill, with a view of Nagasaki Harbor from the garden and colorful flowers in the courtyard. The scenery from the garden is so beautiful that you can easily take good photos. Glover Garden is on a hill, but you don’t have to climb it as there is an elevator. This is one of the best sightseeing spots in Nagasaki.




Oura Church

I arrived at Oura Church through the shopping street from Glover Garden. You can find many hot snacks and souvenirs on the street. This church is the oldest church still standing in Japan. Standing in front of the steps of the church, you can see the harbor. Tickets are not reasonably priced, but still worth a look.


Thanks to its unique geographical location, Nagasaki as a port city was one of the first places in Japan to introduce new ideas, trends and religious reforms.


Each of the famous sights are not far away, making it possible to get around efficiently without spending too much time and money on transportation. Furthermore, you don’t have to climb any mountains to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky. We hope you’ll enjoy your day trip to Nagasaki.





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