6 recommendations in Okinawa!

Okinawa is a popular resort destination for both domestic and international tourists. It is located in the southernmost part of Japan and is very close to Taiwan. It has a mild climate, rich tropical nature, white sandy beaches, blue seas, and a culture and language that is very different from the rest of Japan.


Let me introduce you to my experience when I travel to Okinawa by using a package tour in February of winter.


First, here are my 6 recommendations.

  1. Take the monorail (Yui Rail) running at the southernmost end of Japan.


  1. See the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan at the end of January.


  1.   Visit the most beautiful aquarium in Japan, The Churaumi Aquarium.


  1. Take a photo with Ishiganto, which can be seen everywhere in Okinawa, and see how many Shisa(lion statue) you can find.


  1. Try the most typical Okinawa cuisine!

Okinawa soba(noodles), sea grapes, Goya Chanpuru (Bitter Melon Stir Fry with Tofu and Egg), and the special tempura.


  1.  Enjoy shopping in Kokusai-Dori (Kokusai street).


I’d like to introduce two scenic spots in detail. The Kokusai street and the Churaumi Aquarium.



The Kokusai street

The Kokusai Street is located in the center of Naha City, and is the busiest shopping street in Okinawa. The length of the street is about 1 mile and you can enjoy Okinawa food, drink and shopping. You can find your favorite souvenirs by hopping around many shops. There are monorail stations on the east and west sides of the street, so it’s very convenient to go through.



The Churaumi Aquarium

I think this is the most famous spot in Okinawa.

The aquarium showcases more than 700 species of marine life. You can satisfy your curiosity about aquatic life. In the huge “Kuroshio Sea” tank, rare Okinawan fish and very large whale sharks swim gracefully. There is also a coffee shop near the tank where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sharks. After visiting the aquarium, you can take a walk in the Marine Park and enjoy a dolphin show.


For more information, please visit the official website below.





Accommodation in Okinawa

This time I stayed at a hotel where I could see the ocean from my room. Standing on the veranda of the hotel, I could see the beautiful sea of Okinawa.

Many hotels in Okinawa have pools. It’s good to spend a relaxing time at the hotel instead of sightseeing.



Okinawa has its own language that is completely different from Japanese.

Here are three dialects that I learned on my trip. I hope you can try to master them in Okinawa!


・「めんそーれ」(menso-re) =”Welcome” (Youkoso)


・「はいさい」(haisai)「はいたい」(haitai)=“Hello” (Konnichiwa)


・「にふぇーでーびる」 (nife-de-biru)= “thank you”. (Arigatou)


How was it? I hope my recommendations will help you with your trip to Okinawa.



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