Amabuki Brewery surpasses the possibilities of traditional sake brewing by adding new “flower yeast”



“Let’s drink Amabuki, let’s drink Amabuki, let’s drink Amabuki.”

Amabuki Brewery is known for their memorable jingle that brings joy every time you hear it. They have been brewing sake in Miyaki-cho, Saga Prefecture for over 300 years since 1688 (the first year of the Genroku period). Throughout its long history, they recently have begun brewing sake with “flower yeast” collected from flowers; a sake especially popular with young people and women for its fragrant and refreshing aftertaste.



A Rare Encounter with the World of Flower Yeasts

Yeast, which converts sugar into alcohol, is an indispensable ingredient in sake brewing. The brilliant aroma of sake also is created by the yeast. When it comes to sake brewing, several different yeasts are used to produce a variety of sakes.


Among the different varieties of yeasts, Amabuki Brewery uses “flower yeast.” First discovered by Dr. Kubo Nakata of the Department of Brewing at the Tokyo University of Agriculture, flower yeast is a natural sake yeast isolated from wild flowers. Amabuki Brewery has been using these yeasts since 2000 based on recommendations from the laboratory. The yeasts are collected from various types of flowers such as Four O’Clocks, Sunflowers, Vine roses, Queen of the Nights, Strawberry flowers and Marigolds. It is said a brewery handling so many different yeasts is rare.


At the sake brewery, the right balance of rice, water, kōji rice and flower yeast is selected and refined before being brought to market. Customers like our sake made with flower yeast and describe it as delicious: it could even be considered a miracle in flavor.


The Place to Find your Favorite Sake


Amabuki Brewery has its own tasting space. In a room bathed in gentle light from a stained glass window like a secret hideaway, wine glasses are lined up – allowing you to try three types of sake for 500 yen (excluding tax). Since you can choose your favorites from a great selection of sakes, you can easily have a great time being surprised by the different aromas of flower yeasts and enjoy the different delicious nuances of sake.


Experience the Charm of Sake with a Brewery Tour

On the sake brewery tour, you can see nationally registered tangible cultural properties and sake breweries designated part of Saga Prefecture’s heritage. When you enter the vast brewery of Fujinzo, you can see the sake being produced as it bubbles in the tank and get a sense of the awesome power of nature behind the brewing process. The aromas are completely different depending on the type of flower yeast being used and you will be astonished to see the amount of preparation behind every different batch.


*Note: Due to the effects of COVID-19, we have currently stopped brewery tours and the use of the tasting room. We plan to resume normal operations from next year, but please contact our store for details.


Expanding the Possibilities of Sake with Flower Yeast

When you look around the world, you will find the enjoyment of alcohol and cuisine make up a big part of life. In places where wine has been produced for many years, you will see a glass drunk with dishes made of local ingredients at mealtime. Likewise, there are still a  number of people who enjoy sake with their meal. At Amabuki Brewery, we use a variety of flower yeasts to make a wide selection of sakes that will go well with any kind of meal.


- Sake for Enjoying on Long Autumn Nights –

Here are three sakes to help you enjoy autumn even more, from sakes to enjoy during a warm bath as the temperature drops to refreshing drinks for a girl’s night out and more.


Amabuki Junmai Ginjo Strawberry Yeast (Unpasteurized)

Light tasting, full of umami, with a clean acidity and fresh sweetness. This is a refreshing and light drink. The balance of umami and sourness is exquisite, especially when garnished with a slice of strawberry. It’s a symphony of strawberry and sake for your tastebuds.


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Amabuki Junmai Daiginjo Gold

As soon as you open the bottle, you are surrounded by its fragrant scent! With an elegant taste and moderate acidity, this gem of a sake brings bliss with each sip. After a low temperature aging period in the brewery, this sake reaches its full maturity (Seasonal product in limited quantity / limited to retailers only).

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Amabuki Junmai Omachi Hiyaoroshi-

The refreshing sourness of this sake widens the range of flavors on your palate, with a subtle umami depth, this pairs well with heavy or oily foods. When the temperature drops, serve it warm and enjoy. This alcohol brewed from the Cosmos flower yeast has an unprecedented flavor, contrasted with the sharpness of malic acid, that will make you feel the harmony symbolized by the Cosmos flower.


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Amabuki Brewery is surrounded by the calm of the Saga Plain, rich in produce. With rice perfect for sake brewing, the mellow spring water of the Sefuri Mountains, the blessings of nature and the craftsmanship of over 300 years, we transform this into an elixir that colors people’s lives. With the addition of the new flower yeast, the number of sakes that soothe the heart increases… At Amabuki Brewery, we continue to brew sake that will make you shout “How delicious!”


Name Amabuki Brewery
Address 2894 Higashio, Miyaki-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture
TEL 0942-89-2001
Business Hours Weekdays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

As of October 2020: Due to the effects of COVID-19, we have currently stopped brewery tours and the use of the tasting room. Reopening is scheduled for 2021.


To purchase our products, please check here for stores selling Amabuki sake ( Please contact us if there is no store near you.



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