Blessed with 400 hundred years of history, Arita continues to produce porcelain dinnerware with a contemporary style



A local company which perpetuates the tradition. Captivating dinnerware from Arita.


It was the first porcelain in Japan. In 2016, porcelain of Arita celebrated his 400 years. Created thanks to the skills of artisans, it continues to fascinate due to their elegance.

Since 1955, perpetuating Artia’s history, Kihara, a local company, supplies not only the national but also the international market.

Their concept is “Arita, Hasami, a traditional industry with a modern vision”. The company continues to offer new porcelain products which are going to be appreciated for a long time thanks to the wholesaler, the designer, and a technique keeping in mind the skills for the pioneers, but adapted to modern life.


Kihara is located on a site which is about 66’115 square metres. There is a shop called “Arita Será” which sells dinnerware. 90% of the items presented in the showrooms and on the internet are Kihara’s original products.These products are displayed on the shelves. They have been created in order to please the newlyweds. You’ll find Japanese dinnerware with a slight casual style, which will allow you to have a modern dining table.


A design that many like. Practical dinnerware with the quality of products made in Arita.


At the Arita’s showroom, you have the opportunity to hold all kinds of products. Many of them will excite you. Others will adapt to your way of life.


The drawings of these cute animals are enhanced by the beauty of indigo. The soul is appeased when you look at these small plates of the product line “Komon Kids”. Just by presenting them on the dinner table, you’ll see the delighted faces of the children.


The lacquer, with harmonious tons, is used for the product line “OVAL”, which will fit to all of your meals. Blessed with the quality of Arita’s products, they have the simple appearance of an ellipse and are very popular for their practicality.


The appearance of the porcelain (on the right) lets the natural texture of the material shine through. It is the “Soji” line, which means literally “elementary porcelain”. With a white texture which looks like the snow, the products of this line reflect the lacquer’s composition. This allows you to feel their natural warmth. For more details click here


You can feel “the landscapes of Arita” and “400 years of history” thanks to their lines of products

You can find on a plate some drawings representing Arita. The line of products is called “ARITA ICON”. This dinnerware is made to commemorate the 400 years of Arita’s products, whose foundation date is 1616.

You can see the drawings of 16 well-known places of Arita and 16 tools necessary to manufacture Arita’s products. You’ll be filled with nostalgia when you will be looking at these wonderful drawings of Arita.


The “TOUSEKI” are chopstick rest and silverware rest made from stone extracted from Izumizama carry, which had allowed Arita to become the place of birth for Japanese porcelain. The reason why such interesting items continue to be produced is the constant progress of Arita’s porcelain during 400 years and the capacity to adapt to modern life.


A local company which develops news products and OEM products.


Thanks to their know-how, Kihara manufactures internally a wide range of products and maintains without distinction his national and international network. They invest in research and development and make OEM products. With the support of creators and artisans, the company offers customer support whether it is for partial and full orders. They are not only operating in the domestic market, they are also present during the international exhibitions.  Furthermore, they are exploring new markets and exporting Japanese porcelain to foreign markets.

Click here for more information on Kihara’s product development


The society has a collaboration with the popular shops “SUPERMAMA” based in Singapore and with young artists in Europe for a second time, with the goal to be fully involved on the international market.



Name  Kihara
Website of the company
Address of the main shop Hei-2351 169 Akasaka, Arita, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0024
Phone number  0955-43-2325
Opening hours  9:30~17:30  ※Now9:30~17:00
Closure day   1st of January
Tokyo address  〒151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1Chome−14−11 2F/3F
Access Chiyoda line, Yoyogi-kōen station, 5 minutes walk

Odakyū line, Yoyogi-Hachiman station, 6 minutes walk

Phone number  03-6407-1571
Opening hours  11:00-19:00   ※Now 11:00~18:00
Closure day  Mondays. The shop is open if Monday is a national holiday. In this case, it will be closed on Tuesday.



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