Near the Genkai Sea, there is a lot of seafood. Fans of the Sengoku warlords will be thrilled by this road station.



The gate to enter the ruins of Nagoya Castle is also a tourist spot.


The Castle of Nagoya was built on the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was used as a base during the Japanese invasion of Korea (Imjin War). The surface area of the castle was about 17 hectares. During this time, there were the residences of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Maeda Toshiie, Date Masamune, Kuroda Nagamasa, Katō Kiyomasa and other daimyos. Today, the ruins of Nagoya Castle, as well as the places where those residences stood, are recognized as special historic sites.


At the entrance of the Ruins of Nagoya Castle, there is a shop called “Michi no Eki (road station)-Momoyama Tenkaichi”. It is located in a region well known for the city of Yobuko. This city is famous for squid fisheries and benefits from the natural resources of the sea and the mountains. Therefore, you can not only go shopping, but also eat a meal and have some rest.

As a tourist spot, a lot of people come here.


Devour the squids of Yobuko

Next to the town of Chinzei, where there is “Michi no Eki -Momoyama Tenkaichi”, there is the city of Yobuko, well known for the squids. Many local and foreign tourists go there for the tender texture and sweet taste of the squids of Yobuko.


Inside the Japanese restaurant called “Momoyamatei kaishū”, you can eat sashimi in his original form : some fresh and transparent squids, presented on a tray which includes a set menu. Therefore, this place attracts a lot of people. Reservations are recommended.

In the shop selling a lot of local products, the most popular item is the “shumai” (1180 yen). The second most popular item is a tray of sliced squids (700 yen). The latter is sold by four different companies, hence, you can be assured to find one that will fit your taste.


Turbos (mollusc), fresh fishes and other products are also popular.


Turbos are very popular at the seafood market. In Yobuko, although they are sold during the morning at the market, here, they are in fish tanks. Therefore, they are in their most fresh state. For this season, oysters are also going on sale. However, the delivery of fish depends on the weather. Hence, you are not ensured to find them.

For those who want to bring a piece of the Genkai Sea’s richness, there are some processed foods made from fishes and crustaceans such as dried squids and salted squids.




Many items are available for the Sengoku warlords fans 

In reference to the warlords’ residences near the castle of Nagoya and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, you can find charming purple items. Tourists come here from various places to obtain these items.

The event “Stamp Rally Hizen jyou” (“Hizen” is the former name of the territory which includes the Saga prefecture, “jyou” means “castle” in Japanese) is held until the 25th of October. This is a collaboration with the video game “Sengoku Basara”. Other items are also available.

These items are available until the 25th of October. More details here (in Japanese)



In addition to this collaboration, many items in connection to Sengoku warlords are proposed.

Transparent files with sketches representing the ruins of Nagoya Castle and the warlords’ residences are the most popular items. For those knowing that these famous warlords were gathering here, this item is essential.

Furthermore, you can also find magnets, T-shirts, family crests and paper lanterns on the theme of these warlords.


The tourist office is proposing guided tours of different regions


Near the station, there is an annex building where you can find the tourist office of Chinzei. Among the activities you can choose, for instance, tours called “Hizen Nagoya Castle Saruki” or  “Stamp Rally Hizen Nagoya jyou”


Furthermore, the museum of the Nagoya Castle of Saga Prefecture offers the opportunity to see the special exhibition on the Shimazu clan until the 18th of November.


There are different events such as a guided tour on a bus on the former site of Shimazu Yoshihiro’s residence, a tea ceremony, a history lesson on Nagoya, and some explanations on the exhibition by an art specialist.


Go there without hesitation during the lunch break or before going home after your sightseeing trip.



Michi no Eki (road station)-Momoyama Tenkaichi

1859 Chinzeimachi NogyaKaratsu, Saga 847-0401

Tel 0955-51-1051

Souvenir shop 9:00〜18:00,Seafoods market 8:30〜18:00,Japanese restaurant “Momoyamateikaishū” 11:00〜18:00 (last order 16:30),Farm market; April to September 6:30〜18:00, October to March 7:00〜18:00,Customer demonstration and sale of products “Hana koubou” 11:00〜17:00

Closure days : 1st of January to 3rd of January 2020 (Momoyamateikaishū is closed on Mondays and the day after a national holiday.



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