At “Roadside Station Kashima” you can enjoy the bounty of the mountains and sea in luxury



“Roadside station” is a place where numerous people, locals and tourists alike, can come across special products and souvenirs they won’t find elsewhere. Of the more than 1,000 roadside stations found nationwide, “Roadside Station Kashima” located in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture is the only roadside station where you can enjoy the experience of the tidelands.


“Roadside Station Kashima” first opened as the Tideland Produce Building in 1987, in 1991 the Tideland Observation Hall was added, followed by Senjaichi Market (the agricultural, forestry and fishing produce direct sales office) in 1992. The site became the first registered roadside station in Saga Prefecture in 1994.



Roadside Station Kashima boasts a 180 degree panorama view of the Ariake Sea! This makes it a great place along your drive to stop and enjoy the pleasant sea breeze out in the open.


One of the charms of Roadside Station Kashima are all the special products and events that make use of the tidelands along the Ariake Sea. In particular, it is famous for being the site where the “Gatalympics” are held, an event that takes place every summer highlighting the unique features of the tidelands. (Cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19)



Senjaichi Market sells a variety of speciality products such as local fruits and vegetables from the Shichiura Area, as well as a rich selection of seafood from the Ariake Sea. The term “Senja” refers to the various vegetables harvested from one’s own field. At Senajichi Market, guided by the motto “local production for local consumption,” fresh vegetables and seasonal that you usually find served at the table are sold, such as leafy greens from Mt. Tara, root vegetables and more.


From September to March, the Nanaura tangerines are highly recommended. Other products like tangerine juice and frozen tangerines can also be enjoyed.



There is a variety of fresh seafood unique to the Ariake Sea, mainly seaweed, mudskippers, and eel goby but also including red tonguesole, blood clams and more. Senjaichi Market is packed full of delicious delicacies from the neighboring mountains and sea. Come enjoy the unique products here that you can’t find anywhere else.


We also recommend checking out the Mutsugoro Kobo, which offers snacks and treats you can easily take with you when you’re on the go. Here, you can find handmade bento boxes and side dishes made with fresh local vegetables and seafood from Kashima City. Especially popular is the 70 yen croquettes. They’re adorably sized somewhat larger than a golfball. They are the perfect size to eat with one hand. When you’re a little hungry from a long drive, they make the perfect snack.


In addition, there are a wide range of foods such as daily bento boxes, rice ball bento boxes, seaweed wraps and seaweed dressing.



Mutsugoro Kobo also allows barbecues from April to October (reservation required). You can enjoy barbecuing at the Gatakko House overlooking the Ariake Sea and purchase Saga Beef, onion and cabbage vegetable grilling sets, drinks and even rent barbecue equipment for your own event. There’s nothing like enjoying barbecue with friends and family against the backdrop of the vast ocean.



At the Confectionary Studio, a specially made chiffon cake featuring locally produced ingredients from Saga Prefecture is quite popular. The secret to their popularity lies in the range of flavors, from plain to rarer options like green matcha, coffee, and dekopon that you won’t find in other chiffon cakes! A whole cake is reasonably priced at 1,000 yen makes for a perfect souvenir. There are also seasonal flavors on offer throughout the year, so be sure to check them out as well.


Yakidago, a familiar treat that has been enjoyed for a long time, is also very popular. It’s like a Japanese-style crepe dough with brown sugar and a distinct warm, sweet taste. They are used to wrap red paste or sweet potato fillings into a delicious treat you can’t help but eat. If you haven’t tried them before, then you should definitely try one.



Another popular spot inside the Vegetable / Nutrition Sommelier at Roadside Station Kashima is the Seasonal Cuisine Corner where you can enjoy creative dishes featuring ingredients you can also find in the store. Once every month you can enjoy items from their original menu near the shop entrance. The menus showcase assorted dishes using seasonal ingredients such as miso soup made with local vegetables, tangerine-flavored shiratama zenzai (dessert soup with mochi balls), and chestnut-flavored zenzai with whole pieces of chestnuts. These dishes can only be found at Roadside Station Kashima! For a seasonal menu schedule, please check the Senjaichi Market News page on the Roadside Station Kashima website.


Roadside Station Kashima is where you can eat up the bounty of the mountains and the sea. The spectacular scenery and delicious specialities cannot be found anywhere else and will change your ordinary drive or trip into something extraordinary. By all means stop on by!


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Name Roadside Station Kashima
Address 4427-6 Otonariko, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture 849-1323
TEL 0954-63-1768
Business Hours 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Regular holidays January 1, January 2, the second Wednesday of July
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