Freshly pickled seasonal vegetables, dried persimmon ice cream and breads full of vegetables!



Easily accessible for shopping and breaks!

Roadside Station Yamato is only 5 minutes by car from the Saga Yamato Interchange on the Nagasaki Expressway. Located along National Route 263 connecting Saga City to Fukuoka City, it is a roadside station where you can take in the mountain scenery and the flowing Kase River. Easily accessible not only from Saga City but also Fukuoka City, many customers visit every morning to do some shopping, get lunch, or take a break.


Soyokazekan, where you can find outstandingly fresh vegetables

At the farmers market Soyokazekan, between 10 and 11 am every day, local farmers bring in fresh vegetables harvested from the previous evening or even that very morning. Repeat customers are already in the know, so many things tend to sell fast in the morning, meaning that products need to regularly delivered fresh.


Spinach and other leafy greens are restocked daily and radishes, green onion and cucumbers are restocked every two days ensuring you can always get fresh vegetables. Chefs from the hotels and inns of the neighboring hot spring town of Fuji regularly come to shop, confident in the variety and freshness of our produce.


Seasonal fruits are also available. Imari pears, famous in Saga, are also available until October so please come on by to try some.



Special products using Matsuume dried persimmons

The Matsuume district of Taiwa Township has been famous for making dried persimmons since the Edo Period. One by one, persimmons continue to be hung on strings and dried the old-fashioned way.


The number of producers of these dried persimmons have decreased in recent years due to climate change, now making it impossible to produce large amounts of dried persimmon. For this reason, the value of these rare and special dried persimmons increases year by year.


The highly recommended Persimmon Vinegar (864 yen) is made by aging the astringent fruits that are too ripe to make into traditionally dried persimmons. This persimmon vinegar is carefully fermented using only 100% persimmons to bring out that true persimmon flavor. When you actually taste the final product, it does not have the scent of persimmon, but a sweet and gentle taste. Since it does not overpower the taste of foods, sushi made with these persimmons are also offered at nearby sushi restaurants.


These rare dried persimmons have a limited season, but for those who want to enjoy them all-year round, we also sell frozen dried persimmons. They make the perfect souvenir for enjoying the taste of dried persimmon at any time. Single packs of dried persimmons (350 yen) and 2 to 3-piece packs (500 yen) are available.



Vegetable puree bread only at the Vegetable Parsimon Artisanal Bakery!

Inside the roadside station, there is a bakery where fresh vegetables are pureed and baked into bread. The spinach and carrot bread (half loaf 280 yen) is the most popular, limited to 18 a day. The staff carefully prepare and bake bread every day without any fillers in order to provide bread that is good for the body and soul, so there is only a limited number available. Vegetable melon bread (150 yen) is also available, with melon bread using local blueberries on sale in the fall.



Introducing new Dried persimmon soft-serve ice cream!

The soft-serve ice cream offered at this bakery is also a big seller. The brand-new dried persimmon soft-serve ice cream (350 yen), using the famous dried persimmons, is unique to this roadside station. Then, there is the Rum and dried persimmon soft-serve ice cream (350 yen). Dried persimmons are soaked in rum and added into the ice cream, a popular treat with adults. Pear soft-serve ice cream is also available in October.


Relaxing on a bench along the river

The area by the Kase River next to the parking lot is equipped with more than 10 benches. Each one has a roof so you don’t have to worry about the sun or a little rain.


Autumn is a great season to sit on these benches and admire the scenery as the mountains turn shades of red and yellow. At Soyokazekan, we are expanding the variety of bento boxes like inari sushi and yakiniku bento boxes using Saga beef, both recommended for lunch, so we hope you will eat one for lunch while taking in the outdoor scenery.


This is definitely the perfect place to take a break during a drive and enjoy some vegetable and fruit breads from the bakery or dried persimmon soft-serve ice cream. Please come on by to relax and feel the pleasant breeze.



Roadside Station Yamato

Address: 805 Oaza Umeno, Yamato-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

TEL: 0952-64-2296

Business Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm *No special seasonal hours

Regular holidays: January 1st to January 3rd only



5 minutes by car from Saga Yamato Interchange on the Nagasaki Expressway

Parking capacity: 100 cars




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