Michi no Eki (road station)-Momoyama Tenkaichi isn’t only a place where you can buy seafood products, you can also find sweet potatoes and fruits such as amanatsu and genkou.



Refreshing citrus fruits on a fertile land

In Yobuko, a small town in Karatsu (Saga Prefecture), there is a shop “Michi no Eki – Momoyama Tenkaichi”where you’ll find turbos and other seafood products from the Genkai sea. It is located near the entrance of the Ruins of Nagoya Castle. As a tourist spot, a lot of people come here.


However, the road station has other merits. You’ll find citrus fruits and sweet potatoes that are picked in the region. We’ll introduce to you some local products and new products.


The local fruit of Yobuko “amanatsu” is used to produce popular confectionery and curry products.

Do you know that this fruit, amanatsu, is cultivated on Yobuko’s land ? Contrary to what you might think by hearing his name (“amanatsu” means “sweet of summer” in Japanese”), this fruit is cultivated between November and May. On the island of Kabe, near Yobuko, the wind of the sea prevents frost formation, even during cold periods. That allows the harvest of delicious amanatsus.


Amanatsu isn’t just delicious during the season. Many products manufactured from this fruit allow you to enjoy it throughout the year.


The most popular product is amanatsu (280 yens). This dessert, filled with the juice of this delicious fruit, allows you to fully enjoy the sour and sweet taste of amanatsu.



Another popular product is the “amanatsu kare” curry (540 yens). This product contains a stew made from fresh amanatsus cultivated in Yobuko, and some chicken legs. This curry combines the sweetness of amanatsu and the spicy taste of the curry.


For people wishing to eat on site, you can have amanatsu ice-creams (350 yens).


There are many products made from the citrus fruit “genkou”!

Genkou is a rare fruit discovered in a village called Shinmura, located on the island of Madara, in the Genkai Sea. The fruit possesses a sweet and sour taste. Products made from this fruit are very popular.


You’ll find products which combine the refreshing taste of citrus fruits and squid sashimi. You’ll find sweets such as cat’s tongues and genkou sweets. A salad dressing made from genkou is also available.


Filled with juice, you can also buy jelly of genkou

In addition, the popular product “The non-oil Genkou”, which was extremely popular due to his refreshing taste, will be available again. The resale of this product will be scheduled. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.



Products from Saga Prefecture such as “Kara Yutaka”, potatoes, and KarataQsaba are also available.

Sweet potatoes cultivated in Saga Prefecture, named “Kara Yutaka”, are exposed to the wind and they are known for their sweetness. Their skins are extremely soft. Their substance is sticky and they will become delicious after they have been cooked.


Furthermore, the city of Karatsu and Kyushu University collaborate to create a species in aquaculture named “KarataQsaba”, which went on sale since the end of October. It has an exquisite taste and there are currently two products : “Icy and Fried KarataQsaba” (800 yen), “KarataQsaba Amanatsu Marinated in Oil” (1,600 yen). They are unfortunately not very available because of the local demands. However, new deliveries will come soon. We hope that you’ll enjoy them.



During the 21st of November (Saturday), the 22nd of November (Sunday), the 23rd of November (Monday, public holiday), limited products are going to be on sale.


You’ll have the opportunity to buy special products competitively priced, so don’t miss the opportunity to come visit.



Name Michi no Eki (road station)-Momoyama Tenkaichi
Adress 1859 Chinzeimachi NagoyaKaratsu, Saga 847-0401
TEL 0955-51-1051
Open Souvenir shop 9:00〜18:00,

Seafoods market 8:30〜18:00

Japanese restaurant “Momoyamateikaishū” 11:00〜18:00 (last order 16:30),

Farm market, April to September 6:30〜18:00, October to March 7:00〜18:00

Customer demonstration and sale of products “Hana koubou” 11:00〜17:00

Closure days 1st of January to 3rd of January 2020 (Momoyamateikaishū is closed on Mondays and the day after a national holiday.
Access about 60 minutes in car from Nagasaki Road Saga Taku IC, 40 minutes from the exit road Nijo-Hamatama via the national road 202
Parking 100places
HP https://momo-ten.com/




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