Imari’s tasty whole food ingredienets [Imari’s Michinoeki] From fresh Veges to high-quality meat products!!



Imari Michinoeki(Fresh Market)is in west of Saga Prefecture in Imari County, Minamihata City. It is a spot for the urban city & agriculture to interact together and to revitalize the community. It is also a spot where many tourists who come by come to visit.


Imari is known for West Japan’s number one production spot for Imari Pairs. It is also known for the famous beef brand, Saga Beef. It is full of nature and uses the environment to their advantage to grow rice, fruits, vegetables. Its specialty products like pairs and grapes have high quality and is known for its trustworthy brand name.


You can have many wise of fun with various facilities using these specialty products.


In the summer, they use Imari’s pears to make processed foods that use pear like, jam, curry, dressing, pon-zu(citrus soy sauce), fruits sauce, dry chips, etc.

[Tokusankan] (Place to keep the specialty products) is a place where they sell local vegetables and fruits that are in season. These products are nice to use at home, but it also makes for great souvenirs and presents.


In the facility, there are grandmas gathered to ship out the products. The place is filled with livelihood and it almost like a social gathering. There are seasonal fruits and veges which the local farmers have humbly grown. Other than the fruits and veges, they also sell Imari Manju(bun). If you could ever come down to Imari, makes sure to have some.


In Imari’s Michinoeki, there is also delicious food you can have at restaurants.

At [Restaurant Rural], you can have the famous beef brand, Imari Beef. Imari beef known for the fattening beef under the management of JA Imari. The cows that have been raised in the beautiful nature freely, show the greatquality of the marble and flavorful taste. At this [Restaurant Rural], you can get a reservation to have the luxurious, layered bento box lunch and the Imari Beef Hamburg lunch set. Definitely come visit the unique menu they have here!



Here they sell they directly sell the Saga, but they also have a great BBQ service, and in the winter, they have Motsu-Nabe (ofal) set. The BBQ service is a great deal because they provide you fresh local vegetables, the tools, and clean up for just 2500yen per person. Everything will be taken care of for you and all you have to do is sit back and relax. As an optional service, you can add Yaki-Soba and or hormone meat. They take reservations from 8 people in the reservation and will go any where near the Imari Michinoeki. They can come to your home or a near by camp site, Its very nice for family events and gatherings with colleagues.


In the winter, they can prepare Motsu-Nabe set for you and Nabe sauce set. They will provide all the tools, ingredients for 4 people for just 3300yen! It’s a great deal !! In addiotion to that, they give you Chan-pon noodles, so you will be able to enjoy the whole service very luxuriously. It’s nice to have a warm Motsu-Nabe and keep you heart and stomach nice and warm, and full.


For people who would like to enjoy the Imari beef to the fullest, please definitely come visit!


[Imari Michinoeki] holds a [Harvest Appreciation Festival] in October every year for the specialty products.

For this year in 2020, they will be having in on 10/24(Sat) and 10/25 (Sun).

You can have Radish, Chinese Cabage, Leek from the freshly picked morning harvest by the JA member farmers, as well as fruits, processed food, and many more! Imari’s unique and fresh produce will the dining table with color and livelihood. Moreover, during a certain time period, when you have a purchase of more than 1000yen, you get to enter a lottery to win local produce and also the famous Imari Beef. There are so many fun events filled at this event!!



Summing Up

Not only people within the Saga prefecture but also people outside of the prefecture come visit Imari. The local vegetable and fruit produce and the premium quality beef selection allows anyone and everybody to enjoy this place. People who want to be in a nature environment and for people who want to experience great quality food culture, Imari Michinoeki is the place to go. Please come and visit!!


Imari’s Michinoeki

Adress:2754-9 Ideno-Minamihata,Imari-Ciry,Saga Prefecture


Open:8:00am~6:00pm  [restaurant ra-raru]11:00am~10:00pm)

close: 3rd Wednesday



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