Enjoy a luxurious Imari Beef Lunch at the Imari Beef House “Yakiniku no Mori” in Roadside Station Imari



Roadside Station Imari in Minamihata-cho, Imari City in the western part of Saga Prefecture, is a gateway between the countryside and the city visited by many people. This roadside station lies about 20 km northwest along Route 498 from the Takeo-Kitagata Interchange on the Nagasaki Expressway, and 5 km northeast along Route 202. As you proceed past gazing at the idyllic villages full of fields and thickets, you will spot Imari Road.


This is a roadside station, popular with locals and tourists alike, where you can come across many different products grown in a rich natural environment, from fruits such as Imari pears and grapes to rice and fresh vegetables.


Another item at Roadside Station Imari on everyone’s lips is “Imari beef”. There is a butcher shop in the roadside station facility, and not only do they offer direct sales of Saga beef from Imari, but also provide a BBQ delivery service that sends a set of ingredients and tools to any place you request. Additionally, they offer a motsunabe (offal hot pot) set that brings joy in those cold winter months. We also provide catering services for large groups such as family gatherings and company events.


Now, let’s introduce you to one of the best spots to enjoy Imari beef at its finest: the Imari Beef House “Yakiniku no Mori”!

The Imari Beef House “Yakiniku no Mori” (Japanese for the “Forest of Grilled Meats”), where you can grill this famous regional beef at your very own table, opened in July 2015. With a maximum capacity holding up to 80 people, you can easily enjoy Imari beef among groups of families and friends like you were invited to a huge barbecue party.


Inside the store, you can choose your favorite meats from the display case, take it back to your table, then grill and eat it.

All the meats are lined up so you can easily see the bright red coloring and high-quality marbling of each cut. Seeing the real thing before your very eyes instead of some picture inside a menu will make it difficult for you to say when to stop!


So once you have selected the cut you’re looking for, it’s grilling time! Every time you grill a piece, it has such a delicious aroma, you won’t want to wait for it to finish cooking. Imari beef is particularly special in that the more you chew, the more you bring out the rich taste of that marbling. It’s a well-balanced taste enjoyed by every one of all ages.


In addition to Imari beef, the menu includes cuts of pork and chicken, as well as locally-grown vegetables like onions, peppers, pumpkin, and corn. You can take your yakiniku barbecue experience to the next level.


The lunch set is also especially popular. From noon you can enjoy a luxurious set of rice balls made with “Miyamamai” rice (a special rice grown only in Imari) each filled with pork, chicken and the ever-popular Imari beef. All of this can be enjoyed for only 980 yen, a true bargain on this famous beef for any occasion.



The Imari Beef House “Yakiniku no Mori” at Roadside Station Imari is your go-to place for enjoying the grilled luxury of Imari beef along with all the local specialties Imari is known for. By all means, come on over!



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Roadside Station Imari, Imari Beef House “Yakiniku no Mori”


2754-9 Ideno, Minamihata-cho, Imari City
TEL 0955-24-2252
Business Hours Weekdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Open at night for reservations only

Regular Holiday  Every Wednesday






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