A Fairytale World unfolds at Ange Coco Anto. This new tourist spot will change the way you think about Japanese charm



Ange Coco Anto is near Shin-Tosu Station. This sister store of the popular Tosu pastry shop “Ange Coco” opened in June 2018. They sell Japanese sweets and Western pastries in an atmosphere reminiscent of good old-fashioned Japanese style. Only a 5-minute walk from Shin-Tosu Station, this store has become popular as the new souvenir hot spot in Saga where many Shinkansen travelers stop by.


Like some long-established inn with a solidly Japanese atmosphere in its decor, this store sets high expectations before you even step inside.


Cakes uniquely combining ingredients like Fukujinzuke (pickled relish) unlike any other

After passing through the curtain, you will find a variety of traditional handmade Japanese sweets such as sweet dango balls and ohagi glutinous rice dumplings.

Among them, various kinds of cakes never before seen in other pastry shops hold a prominent presence.

With names such as “Hana-temari (Flower handball),” “Matsuri (Festival),” and “Issun-boshi (The One-Inch Samurai),” you feel the Japanese aura and the nostalgic colors bring a sense of warmth.


The cake named “Festival” contains raspberries, chocolate, and Fukujinzuke (Japanese pickled relish). This surprising combination is even more delicious than you could ever imagine. These cakes make the best use of unique combinations of ingredients, combinations derived from the accumulated knowledge and techniques of their sister store Ange Coco. Every detail behind the store and the taste of each cake will give you a new outlook on sweets.

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Finding souvenirs that will surely please anyone, like a wooden box filled with Japanese sweets

There are plenty of gift-baskets, boxed sweets and gifts for any occasion, such as cute souvenirs to take to your friends’ homes or Japanese treats to hand out as a small token of appreciation. The Japanese confectionery set wrapped in a furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth), not so commonly seen nowadays, is the perfect souvenir to put a smile of wonder on anyone’s face. In addition, the fragrant fried Karinto Manju (deep-fried brown sugar cakes) is a popular product with many people sold in the store.


At the tea shop inside the store, you can also create a cake set with the sweets of your choice. Zenzai (sweet red bean soup with mochi) and grilled sweet dumpling sets are very popular in winter. For meals, we also have gigantic bento boxes made with Imari beef and Anto soba noodles made with mozuku seaweed.



Go down this trail… into a fairytale world

After winding down the small path leading out of the shop, you will reach the Anto Garden and five cottages like the ones described in Japanese folklore and legends. You can take off your shoes and enjoy a meal or dessert any time of the year among the seasonal scenery, from spring azaleas to autumn leaves.


Cottage reservations start from 300 yen for 90 minutes and can be used by large groups (5-7 people), small groups (4 people), or most any size group above 2 people. Since there are only 5 cottages available, it is recommended to make your reservation early.



Ange Coco Anto receives many visitors from outside the prefecture searching for a unique experience of ancient Japanese space and aesthetics. Because it is only a 5-minute walk from Shin-Tosu Station, it is definitely a place that attracts attention not only from Japanese but also overseas visitors.



Name Sweets Village Anto
Address 519 Harakoga, Tosu City
TEL 0942-85-7780
Business hours 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Regular holidays Mondays and every third Tuesday
Access Approximately 5 minutes by foot from Shin-Tosu Station
Official website http://angecoco.info/anto/






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