A demon on a Tengu…Lots of strange decorations! Island “Kamado Shrine.”

A demon on a Tengu…Lots of strange decorations! Island “Kamado Shrine.”

Now, “The Demon Slayer” has become a huge boom all over the world. It is certainly a hot topic on SNS and daily news!


The other day, Kyushu’s “Kamado Shrine” as sanctuary was a topic. However, it is also to be found in an island we living in the Seto Inland Sea often think of, Etajima: “Kamado Shrine”!


It is now a secret boom inside the island.

The reason for this is the Promotional Planning Division of the City Office’s Instagram timeline.


An “adult” Tanjiro, which suddenly appeared on this account that from time to time posts about everyday scenery and gives notifications, can be found here:


Such style! (Laugh.)


As for the Etajima Kamado Shrine, which adults will want to take photos of without a second thought, the written Chinese character “Kamado,” from the hero of “The Demon Slayer,” Tanjiro Kamado, is included in the word “Kamado Shrine.”


On the top of a hill in Hiroshima prefecture, Etajima city, Ogakicho Hitonose district, secretly stands the Kamado Shrine. It was built in the Meiji period (1868-1912), and is an atmospheric, venerable shrine.


At the top of the hill there is a great torii that suddenly appears out of nowhere. In Etajima, everyone who is in the know knows about it; that is, those knowledgeable about little-known places and so on.


How about it? It really has the flavor of the world of animation! You can get a perfect shot of the costumed Tanjiro Kamado. Nice!


Leaving the street where the moon-shaped lanterns are lined up, on the next street we encounter an amazing guardian dog protecting the shrine! The guardian dog is holding a ball with an expression of real love.


Amidst these rather cool, guardian dogs with brave expressions, this guardian dog at the Kamado shrine appears to have a slightly satisfied smile on its face, a very kind face. One unthinkingly wants to start talking to him! ♡


And then, there is the main shrine this guard dog protects.

Though small, the Kamodo shrine, with its dignified atmosphere, is adorned with all sorts of ornaments such as Tengu masks, bird ornaments, pictures of flowers on large lamps, and so on.


Further, taking a stroll through the town, one sees many demons lined up around the main shrine! Without thinking, one will take photos of such uncommon sights.


A demon on a Tengu…this must be “The Demon Slayer”!? one will certainly think to oneself. Of course we wish that both fans of The Demon Slayer and those who have not before visited take a stroll through this Kamodo Shrine hotspot. ♪


In the midst of the convergence of the coronavirus pandemic, everyday people continue to worry about contracting the virus.

In Japan there has been a request from the prefectures for people to “stay at home,” but for those who live in Hiroshima and in neighboring prefectures, please take a refreshing stroll through this part of the city.


As well as all the fans of The Demon Slayer throughout the country.

At the Kamado Shrine in Etajima, which is surrounded by nature in a location very few people are aware of, feel free to take as many photos as you wish without concern for overcrowded spaces!

From the bottom of our hearts, we are waiting for you to come to Kamado Shrine in Etajima whenever you are able.




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