Exhibition of Nagahama Bonbai, Shiga! You must definitely see the artistic collaboration of Japanese collages and umbrellas.

The exhibition Nagahama Bonbai is a New Year’s tradition and is also held this year. The Nagahama Bonbai exhibition started in 1952 and this year is the 70th anniversary of its founding. In the tatami room of Keiunkan built in the Meiji period, the Bonbai trees are lined up looking very beautiful. Out of about 300 flower pots, about 90 pots are always on display at the right time when it blooms. The scent of Bonbai spreads throughout the room and calms the hearts of all visitors. Thanks to its size and history, it is Japan’s number one exhibition and now also a tradition of the Kansai region.

For its 70th anniversary, Nagahama Bonbai has improved this year and reappeared in collaboration with Tottori Daisen Yamato Umbrella, which became very popular last year as “Instagram”. In addition, the Kyoto University of the Arts project team and Mr. Tetsuhei Hayakawa, living in Maibara, will work together to create “Bonbai no Mori”, where Bonbai and wildlife live happily together. We are also looking forward to other events and projects.


It will be held in winter.

Fares: 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for elementary and middle school students (discounts for groups of 20 or more).
Location: Keiunkan (Minato-cho, Nagahama City, 3-minute walk from JR Nagahama Station).
Quantity on display: 90 pots (we will replace them according to how they bloom over time).


Bonbai Exhibition x Tottori Daisen Japanese Umbrella is renovated

The exhibition was held for three days last year, and in partnership with Tottori Daisen Wakasa, a hot topic on Instagram, the exhibition received an upgrade this year, with a new exhibition to be held in the coming months. The whole landscape of the main building + the Bonbai tree + the Japanese umbrella. If you look from the side of the garden, you will see a work of art wrapped in a wonderful atmosphere.


The exhibition collaborates with the works of paper cutting artist Tetsuhei Hayakawa

The exhibition in the new building will be led by the Kyoto University of the Arts’ exhibition project group Bonbai, in its third year. More works are promised this year by Tetsuhei Hayakawa, a paper cutting artist living in Maibara. The animals that Mr. Hayakawa could be good at visited the Bonbai exhibition because of its fragrant plum blossoms scent. The original paper cut is also on display because of the exhibition. On the second floor there are also funny figures everywhere. It will definitely look great on Instagram.


Introduction of the “Immortal” sapling is a favorite plant of Bonbai

The Sumitomo forestry technology has succeeded in planting three precious seedlings of Bonbai, including the “immortal tree”.


Nagahama Bonbaiten Original Beer is born

Nagahama Roman beer and Nagahama Bonbaiten Original beer developed by Hino Brewing (Hino City) have been completed. When supplying plum wine to families inside and outside the city, we gathered about 25 kg of plums from 23 people and made delicious craft beer. You can enjoy beer at the Nagahama Roman beer shops and shops in the city (undecided). (The availability at the Bonbai show has not been decided yet).


Organizer: Nagahama Tourism Association
Website: https://bonbai.jp/

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