“Kuju Kogen childhood return farm” – where adults can return to childhood



Not long ago, I went to “Kuju Kogen childhood return farm” as a fellow writing for “travel association for everyone”. When I first saw the photo taken at “Kuju Kogen childhood return farm”, I couldn’t take my eyes off the swinging image in the vast natural scenery. Let me tell you about one day I went out with the kids.



Experience the vast nature! Let’s go to Kuju in Oita prefecture


“Kuju Kogen childhood return farm” is located at the foot of the Kuju mountain range, 360 degrees from the hill, located in a view of the mountains. Look for “Kuju Kogen childhood return farm” on Google map and let’s go! Because the entrance is narrow, you need to pay close attention to the signs. I will write down how to go at the end of this post.


These boards are indicative


As I kept going straight by car from the entrance, the kids were delighted at the big picture ahead. This is a great location where you can see Kuju, Mount Sobo and Mount Aso as well. I paid the parking fee in the parking lot and was carefully explained to the farm play items.

Admission fee: 1500 yen for adults, 750 yen for elementary and secondary school students, free for infants.


The first is the grass slide challenge near the parking. It was a thrilling lawn slide because of the slope and quite a long distance. While sliding, both adults and children can feel the cool breeze. (sledge rental available)


Next is going to the corner “Kogen no Train Poppo”. You can feel the creator’s warmth on the signage on the boarding pass. Let’s climb onto the cart and set off for “Nohara”. Since it was a stroller, I thought it would go slowly, but the speed was faster than I imagined. It’s like a mini roller coaster, and this is a delightful attraction even for adults.


Swing on the plateau, a special feeling that only people can understand

There were more than 10 swings installed but the one that impressed me the most was this one. Moreover, with the height of the swing, this is also the first time I experience the feeling of “I have become a bird” and fly off the mountain.


Go for a walk in the farm, looking for flowers that bloom seasonally

There are so many tools scattered throughout the farm, so it was a becoming time to enjoy seasonal flowers while walking at the destination you wanted to go. The “half-underground house type” installed here is exactly the same as in Ghibli, each house has a different shape so this is like a treasure hunt. And there also seems to be a “half-hole underground house type” that you can stay in. (The house in the photo is unable to stay)


A long Tarzan rope allows you to swim in the air

Tarzan rope swinging from above is also an attraction here. The excitement of the swing seemed to make even adults scream. In addition, there are various places to play such as suspension bridges, field athletics, … so not only for kids, but also for adults can play passionately. It was a place that reminded me of the time when I was a kid, “play hard”, “play without worrying about everything around”, “enjoy nature”, .. .


At “Farm Salon”, which was completed this spring, you can enjoy a pizza that has just been baked in the stone oven. Enjoy lunch, play a lot and get back to your childhood in harmony with nature.

The farm also grows mountain grapes for wine making, blueberries and plums are also grown naturally without pesticides, so there are many young trees growing on the farm. They said that they would make wineries at Am’phora Winery for the next few years, so I am looking forward to returning to “Kuju Kogen childhood return farm”. I think I will experience staying on the farm next time.




Name Childhood Return Farm Agricultural Production Corporation, TAKETA Co., Ltd. (Kuju Kogen Return Farm)
Location 878-0201
Oita-ken, Taketa-shi, Kuju Oaza Kuju 3989-15
TEL 090-2318-7815
Business hour 10:00~17:00(until 16:00 during winter November to March)
Entrance fees 1500 yen for adults, 750 yen for elementary and middle school kids, free for infants
Access Do a search on the Google Map “童心 回 帰 農場 ・ TAKETA”. Go down the intersection where there is no signal at the entrance of the Kuju Kogen Soumi campsite, with the Kuju mountain range in your back. There is a concrete waterworks on the left side, it takes 1 or 2 minutes by car and the farm entrance is along the underside of the building.




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