Sake “Bon Declic” using rice from Iizuka Sake specialty “Junmai Daiginjo” Iizuka City

This is a local sake made with agricultural products from Iizuka City.


Bon Declic means “good chance” in French, and it is our hope that this sake will be a “good chance” for people to learn about and visit Iizuka. The sake has a slightly gentle apple flavor that goes well with sweets.


This Junmai Daiginjo is made with Fukuoka Yume Yeast, a yeast that produces a lot of malic acid.

It is a sweet sake with malic acid.

It is popular among women and people who have not had much experience with sake.


This sake was designated as the first product developed by the Iizuka City Agricultural and Processed Product Branding Promotion Project Council.


Ingredients: Rice (Iizuka-grown), rice koji (Iizuka-grown rice)

Rice: Iizuka-grown rice Yume Ikken (100% used)

Rice polishing ratio: 50

Alcohol content: 14%.

Sake content: -25

Contents: 500ml


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