Why not feel refresh at Awara Onsen “Ashiyu” this summer?🎐

Awara Onsen “Ashiyu”

Hokuriku’s finest footbath is made with abundant Shakudani stones from Fukui prefecture that are currently unmined ♨ . Inspired by Taisho Roman, it features plums, flower irises, geisha, etc. on stained glass. You can enjoy 5 types of footbaths with different styles. At night, the stained glass and the entire footbath are lit up which creates a fantastic atmosphere.


In “Ashiyu this year, wind chimes was installed with the help of Mr. Mori of Kanaz Forest

Also, we are hanging message strips that are “A message to myself one year later ” written by Ashiyu’s guests last year and attaching them to the wind chimes.


The wind chimes will be installed until the end of August, so please enjoy the sound of the wind chimes while slowly soaking in Ashiyu this summer ☺


■ Normal business hours

From 7 am to 11 pm

■ Regular holiday

Open all year round

■ Usage fee



* Towels are sold at vending machines for a fee (300 yen).

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