March 6th (Sat) White Ribbon Run 2021 ~ Akita Senboku Base ~

The Charity run “White Ribbon Run” has been organized since 2019 based in Semboku, Akita Prefecture. This year the event went smoothly as well.


The starting point is Lake Tazawa located in Akita Prefecture, which was included as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan.

Did you know that it is the deepest lake in Japan?


We first gather at “Tazawako Kyoei Palace” on the shore of Lake Tazawa.

Over there is a restaurant that serves Akita’s local cuisine “Inaniwa udon” and “Kiritanpo nabe”, as well as a facility where you can see Akita dogs.


On March 6th (Sunday), apart from the cold wind, the weather was fine.

Roughly 30 participants gathered at the glittering surface of Lake Tazawa.


Along with covid-19 measures and cold protection measures, matching charity outerwear, we began.

The aim of the running course was  “Tazawako Herb Garden Heart Herb“, which is about 2km away along Lake Tazawa. The image above was during the winter holiday, but in spring you can have a wonderful time while healing your body and soul with colorful herbs and flowers.


Along the way, you can enjoy running in a relaxed atmosphere without it getting crowded with the participants and enjoy looking at the lapis lazuli of Lake Tazawa.


On the run towards the goal, everyone ran in unison to “Tazawako Herb Garden Heart Herb“, and on the return route, they enjoyed running at their own pace.

Semboku City has been selected as an “SDGs Future City” that actively carries out activities to achieve the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” that the world is aiming for. Starting with this “White Ribbon Run,” we will continue to promote initiatives that lead to the SDGs together with everyone.


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