Let’s take a picture at “Kagami Beach” that reflects a spectacular view. Fukutsu’s newest scenic spots are now available on a special website!

In Fukuoka prefecture, Fukutsu City, the shallow white sand that stretches for about 3 km from Fukutsu Beach, Miyajihama, and Tsuyazaki Beach, a mysterious sighting of the sandy beach reflecting the sky like a mirror may appear during the low tide. Many people usually take this chance to use take a mirror-like reflection photo for SNS etc.


With some tips and conditions, even a beginner can take a simple photo with a smartphone of this superb view.  Fukutsu Tourism Association (Fukutsu City, Chuo,3-1-1 ) has created a website called the “Kagami no Umi.” which introduces the photo location, method, and best timing of photo shooting.


“Kagami no Umi” homepage websit https://kagaminoumi.com/

What is “Kagami no Umi” website

On the Fukutsu beach, Miyajihama, Tsuyazaki beach, and the shallow coast that stretches for about 3km, a spectacular photo can be taken. The beach becomes like a mirror when there is a difference in the tides (high tide to middle tide), when there is a shallow amount of seawater remaining on the sandy beach or when a tide pool is formed, about an hour before the tide is over, is the best photo opportunity. When the wind is calm, the reflecting angle increases even more.


What is introduced on the website?


On the “Kagami no Umi” website, you can see many superb views of photos taken, and also notices and information for visiting Fukutsu City is provided.


<Website contents>

・ “Kagami no Umi” forecast calendar (2021 high-mid-tide and low-tide time and sunset time)

・ “Kagami no Umi” forecast table (tide graph every 3 days)

・ Tips on how to shoot “Kagami no Umi”

・ Photo gallery

・ Access to the beach and surrounding MAP


Kagami beach’s rewarding scenery

One of the reasons is that “Kagami beach” is a shallow, white sand beach with fine sand particles, but also this beautiful sandy beach is also a “reward-like scenery” created by regular beach cleaning activities and educational activities by local people, businesses, and the government. The Fukutsu City Hall has a nationwide unique “Sea Turtle Division” and is focusing on sea turtle conservation activities and local environmental conservation activities. By introducing this conservation activity on the Kagami no Umi HP website, we can encourage visitors who come to take pictures to consider the environment, such as picking up the garbage.


The Hashtags are “# Kagami no Umi”, “# Fukutsu Sight”, “# Fukutsu SeaMirror”, “# Fukutsu_Scenes”

A photo contest will be held from August mainly on Instagram etc., the pictures of “Kagami no Umi” are sent regularly with the above hashtag. The theme of the photo contest is  “Kagami no Umi”. It is scheduled to be from around August to the end of November 2021.

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