Marathon Course introduction – White Ribbon Run 2021 based in Miyazaki-

Unfortunately, due to the rain, the White Ribbon Run 2021 based in Miyazaki has been canceled.


But still, I would like to introduce the course planned for White Ribbon Run.


The meeting and starting point of the run are at “Aoshima Sandou Minami Hiroba“.


It is located across the sea with palm trees swaying in the wind. It has a lawn so wide to stretch your feet comfortably.


After assembly, reception, and warm-up exercises are done, the run will start along the “Tropical Road” with the goal of reaching “Aoshima Seaside Patrol Station“. You can either run one of two courses, the first course is the original running course along the tropical road till the goal point. The other running course is for runners with less physical strength to carry on can run along the tropical road as it is, but make a turn back at Aoshima Grand Hotel instead.

At the beginning of the run, on your right, you will be able to see the power spot of the island that defines “Aoshima“.


Aoshima is an island surrounded by strangely shaped rocks. Because of their appearance, the rocks are known as the “Devil’s Washboard”.

One of the characteristic spots on the island, Aoshima Shrine is said to be a place connected with marriage.


As the “Tropical Road” in the course is flat and easy to run, it is common that many people usually go jogging or cycling in that area. You can enjoy the refreshing feeling of the sea breeze on your face while running this course.


As the name suggests, the end goal of the course “Aoshima Seaside Patrol Station” is filled with reliable locals working every day to keep the sea of Aoshima clean, safe, and secure. You can see more of their activities on Facebook.




It was a pity that the event was canceled due to rain this year, but I hope to see you again next year with a smile!


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