Instaspot wall art created to pray for the end of corona by ” Karaageya Oshu Iwai “




Karaageya Oshu Iwai Akihabara main store, a karaage specialty restaurant in Taito-Ku, Tokyo, created a wall art, called “Iwai Wall,” on the outside wall of the restaurant to become an Instagram photo spot. It was completed on June 28, 2021.



Our take-out specialty restaurant has been supported by many customers during the corona pandemic. To express our gratitude, and pray for the end of corona, we painted “Karaage Monsters” on the wall. We hope it can brighten our customer’s day when they come to our store! We will continue to strive to make the store a place worth visiting!

The concept of the wall art is “Pray for the End of Corona!
The illustrations for the wall art were drawn by Oyama Corporation employees in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, where the restaurant is located. Why not snap a pose with these colorful monsters for a more festive Instapic! Even if there are travel restrictions during this corona pandemic, we hope you can still have a little fun while buying our karaage.


The wall art is to show our dedication to the SDGs! 
The wall art used colorful colors to express the company’s dedication to the SDGs. (Oyama Corporation is working to reduce food loss by developing a new processed product using gizzards, one of the chicken offal products that had to be disposed of due to the slump in restaurant sales caused by the pandemic. The gizzards are cut into easy-to-eat pieces and marinated in a special salted koji soy sauce, making “Iwaidori no Toritan” a perfect snack that is both tasty and environmentally friendly.

As a food manufacturer, we are particularly committed to SDGs 12 Goals, “Responsibility to Create, Responsibility to Cultivate,” and aim to create a more sustainable, recycling-oriented society.


Where is the hidden character?

The cute character “Toritan” may be hiding inside the “Iwai Wall”? There may be other characters hidden in the wall, can you find where it is?


We are giving away “Iwaidori no Toritan” to 10 winners by lottery! 
10 lucky customers who post a picture of our products in front of the Iwai Wall on their Instagram using the hashtags “#Oshu Iwai” and “#Iwai Wall”!



Press Conference on “Iwaidori no Toritain
A chicken professional teaches how to cook delicious “Iwaidori no Toritan”!
Iwate Asahi Television, Terui Announcer, covering “Iwai-dori no Toritan”.



You can enjoy it on order! 
We also operate a mail order site, “Oshu Iwai Net” (, so that you can easily enjoy Karaage at home.
We sell frozen foods that reproduce the taste of karaage at stores. We hope you will give it a try.

We will continue to adapt quickly to the circumstances such as the SDGs and the corona pandemic and will continue to work on new initiatives.



About Oyama Corporation
Address: 161 Atagoshita, Orikabe, Murone-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate 029-1201, Japan
Representative: Representative Director, Yukio Koyama
Attn: KOYAMA Tatsuya, Managing Director
Tel: 0191-64-3510 (Delicatessen Department)


Business Description:
We supply brand-name chickens, such as “Oshu Iwaidori”, chicken meat, and its processed products through an integrated system of production, processing, treatment, distribution, and sales with the keywords “safe, secure, and healthy”.


About KARAAGE-YA OSHU-IWAI Akihabara Main Store
Address: Someya Bldg. 1F, 4-16-5 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053, Japan
Tel: 03-3865-8181



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