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Enjoy a rich and healthy life through “Lifestyle Tourism”!

Wellness Travel Experience! Lifestyle Tourism
Lifestyle Tourism” is a website that provides “maximizing lifetime value” through “travel” × “health” service experiences.
The new website of “Travel Window” Lifestyle Tourism will offer the best personalized “travel” and “health” services. Promising to value the concept of “Lifestyle Tourism” and propose the best personalized “Travel” x “Health” services.Lifestyle Tourism is a journey in which life itself is a tourism resource, a journey to experience and learn about life itself.
We offer rehabilitation, health, and cultural tourism that combines travel and technology.Additionally, online services for those who want to experience rehabilitation, lymphatic conditioning, heart therapy “healing journeys”, chess games with professionals, and more at home.

⦁ Check out the link to “Travel Window” website  https://rehat.live (open on July 1, 2022)


Travel Window :

A New Service of “Rehabilitation × Travel”

Machiya Rehabilitation Plan
It’s like living at home, perfect for long-term stays or solo travelers on workcations!

Rehabilitation Mirror


Tea Bar


Get healed and healthy by staying an an inn!

Designer Machiya Hotel” near the World Heritage Site “Nijo Castle” in Kyoto.



Culture Experience





 Service Features

1. Introduction to Rehabilitation Tourism
〜Traveling and activities are the best way to rehabilitate your body!

・Machiya Rehabilitation Plan
〜Rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home. 〜
This is a new rehabilitation program that enables people to improve their lifestyle by feeling physically and mentally energized through travel.Technology such as smart mirrors can be utilized.
・Benefit from the latest information on the world’s most advanced rehabilitation robots, including effective auto-rehabilitation videos that lead to the discovery of the best personal rehabilitation, walking sensing insoles that lead to a healthier posture, and information on the world’s most advanced physiotherapy robots for hand and finger rehabilitation.


2. Live viewing of travel scenes
〜The feeling as if you are actually visiting the destination.

・Live viewing of beautiful sceneries
Live video of the Kyoto Ryu-Yu-Yu Garden, Yang-Yu Temple, and Hana-sui Temple will bring you the benefits!


3. Updated information!
〜You can easily find the right plan for you!

・We offer one day-trip, 2 to 3 nights programs in Japan, and conduct a full on-site survey.
・We introduce healthy restaurants such as Kyoto cuisine and seasonal dishes that are good for your health.


List of main services  https://rehat.net/plan

★ Cherishing relationships and connections with people!


Starry sky live vol.5 (Planetarium Galaxy)

● I was invited a starry sky live performance invited by Ms. Hayashi, a starry sky guide.
There I met Rie Taguchi and heard her song “歩いて行こう Aruite ikou”!
I was moved to tears that I became filled with happiness and energy.
Since then, we have become partners in rehabilitation tourism.


● For those who have given up golf for various reasons
Ocean Club Golf Academy is ready to assist you in everything possible to start your golf journey or simply just want to enjoy it again.
Direct lessons are available to clients practicing outdoors.

Remote Golf Lesson Support site
Relate cooperation: Physical Therapist (PT), Golf Physio Trainer (GPT)



Online tours :

a new style of travel that you can even be enjoyed at home  



⦁ Exercises by Muto-san – Lymphatic Conditioning

~Healthy body building from the feet up at the foot of Mt. Koya~


⦁ Play against the movie famous professional shogi player

“Shoji Segawa 6-dan”.

Online game course taught by a professional !


⦁ Hana Chouzu at Yanagidani Kannon Yokoku-ji Temple, Kyoto.

“Live performance of HANA CHOUZU. Support site available


⦁ Sales of “MYCODE” genetic testing service at preferential rates

Understanding Health Risks



Video performance provided are :
・Rie Taguchi (Pianist) – 望郷 Boukyou 、歩いて行こう Aruite ikou
・Mami Goto (Soprano singer) – Familia
・Yururi-san – hand rehabilitation, sign language song video
・Fukada Pro (Ocean Club) – Rehabilitation golf lesson video
・Tomomi Izawa (Counselor) – Heart Therapy
・NPO Small Astronomers Association – Starry sky


About the Tour Planner


Nakata Hideki

CEO and Representative Director of REHA Tourism Co.

“Travel and activities are the best forms of rehabilitation!”


After graduating from university, he joined NEC Software, Ltd. as a new graduate and worked as a system engineer for 18 years, mainly in the distribution and retail industry.In 2001, he moved to a solution sales position, and through his own independent sales promotion, developed new clients by launching and servicing cloud services, and greatly increased his business performance.
He also contributed to the listing of his company (TSE 1st section) and the listing of his client’s 100-yen fresh convenience store. In 2012, he transferred to NEC, where he planned and created many projects and new services mainly utilizing big data from convenience stores and specialty stores.After early retirement and opening his own private business in 2019, he founded REHA-Tourism, Inc. in August 2020.


The summer day that changed to life of a workaholic engineer to a life of rehabilitation.

In July 2014, the founder of REHA Tourism Co., Hidetaka Nakada, suffered a sudden stroke while working. He was hospitalized for 6 months in a wheelchair with the requirement of nursing care, but with the support of his friends and family, he was able to walk and once again return to work. Since recovery, he has reached the point where he can travel and play a round of golf by himself.During his travels, a thought came to mind about whether he could enjoy rehabilitation more with the advantage of evolving technology. Incorporating the engineer’s opinions with his experience of living through a stroke and subsequent rehabilitation, he devised a rehabilitation and health tourism program that brings a combo between travel and technology.


The future of rehabilitation is using travel and activities to have fun.

The idea for rehabilitation tourism was born from his personal experience. 2 months after being discharged from the rehabilitation hospital, his wife proposed a plan for a retreat at a hot spring. At the time, he still needed support from a cane, had no physical strength and had a racing heart that made him easily exhausted. So to also give his wife a break from taking care of him, they decided to go.Just simple movements like walking and moving around were already tough, but as soon as they soaked in the hot spring at the ryokan, the tension and hardships of the past months left his body instantly.Around the spring of 2016, a year after returning to work, he was able to recover some physical strength and had thought deeply on how he wanted to utilize information and communication technology in the area of social solutions to imagine new value. He also entered a contest for ideas to solve social issues with technology, and received a special award for the conception of “AI earphones that support memory”.As information and communication technologies like AI are advancing every day, he believe that they can be used more in the rehabilitation field based on the ideas.For example, if the creation of a service that supports rehabilitation during daily life by connecting people with people (patients, specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, trainers, and family members) and places to places (home, rehabilitation hospitals, outings, and traveling) through technology, the effectiveness of rehabilitation will change dramatically.Travel and activities will be the best rehabilitation form.


Cherishing relationships and connections with people!

He met Rie Taguchi at a starry sky live performance and heard her song “歩いて行こう Aruite ikou”! He was moved to tears that he became filled with happiness and energy.
Since then, they have become partners in rehabilitation tourism.


Our Future Plans

To create and produce wellness tours focusing on inner beauty and wellbeing.Wellness tours have the power to refresh the mind and body and boost oneself.

Okinawa resort and rehabilitation tours and hotel stay rehabilitation plans,
“Femcare Plus” support program for female employees and managers,
Online Academy, fun Dharma talk and meditation,experience by Jisho Asada, a monk!
Healthy body building at the foot of Mount Koya! We also have lymphatic conditioning by “Muto-san’s Exercises” and more.

Check out the plan list  https://rehat.net/plan





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