How to Successfully Travel from your Home country to another country

POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

Article by: Hassan Conteh

Over thousands of people travel from their country to another for different purposes throughout the year and as such it is very important you know where you are going and how that place best suites your tastes. People feel uncomfortable in some places in which they travel because they fail to synthetically study their destination and which at times may lead them not to enjoy or fulfill the purpose of which they travel to their place of choice. In this short article, I will be noting down some exponential tips of how to successfully travel from your country to another country.

Traveling from one country to another is very important in one’s life because it will help one to have different knowledge, vast experience and possibility of different positive opportunities but we should not also fail to acknowledge the places we choose to travel and with regards to that, let me outline the four (4) main things that you should consider when travelling out of your home country to another or when traveling from one destination to another.

1.                                      Political atmosphere

2.                                     Economic strength

3.                                    Social Practicability

4.                                    Climate condition

Now let’s take a deep look at the above stated things that one should consider when trying to take an adventure or journey to another country.

  •        Political Atmosphere:  instability is a recipe for unsuccessful journey and peace which anyone should consider when planning to take a journey from his/her home country to another. Why is this necessary? I guess you already know the answer because you are traveling to a place to enjoy the atmosphere in peace not in bloodbath, chaos and unstable environment. There are some countries in the world today that are still in disarray due to political instability and you don’t want to get yourself in such a devastating country if you don’t know how it started, root cause and how to solve it. Therefore, it is best to actually do a research for that particular country you want to travel into and make sure you know the political landscape whether it is safe or not before onboarding. I believe asking questions and seeking guidance from those who have visited the country you are planning to go will help you figure out whether or not it is safe to go there. Always be cautious of political instability in any country because such occurrences will have an adverse effect on your safety and life.
  •        Economic Strength: Though this one cannot be entirely relied on depending on the economic strength of the individual itself but it is also important to consider when trying to travel to another country. Some countries are totally difficult to live in especially when considering the living standard of such countries it is pretty much frustrating and devastated. We all know and realize the impact of the pandemic in most developed and under developing nations and it is best you prepare yourself economically when trying to visit countries that has drastically being impounded by the pandemic and also try to know the economic status; which includes living cost, living conditions among other economic priorities that you might be using when you go there like shelter.
  •        Social Practicability: Culture, language and tradition are things that are also very much essential when trying to travel to another country. Every country in the world has different cultural practices which is good for you to learn a bit about the country you are trying to go because culture can integrate us as one and also create a vendor for relationship and happiness. You don’t want to be a victim of cultural violation right? Then it is best for you to learn a bit about the culture of that country you are planning to visit. Traditional practices cannot be a burden but it is also important you know what tradition such country practices and know whether it suites you or not and lastly which is the most important thing here is the language. We have over thousands of languages worldwide and every country has more than twenty(20) languages but that does not matter, all you have to do is to understand the semantics of the local dialect spoken in that country or you make sure you have someone to help you better understand the communication.
  •        Climate Condition: Basically, there are countries with not much favorable weather or climate conditions and such countries may alter one’s travel desires. It is however, recommended that, when traveling make sure the destination which you have chosen has a favorable climate condition because if such climate do not fits your system, then, there is every tendency for you to vacate and not enjoy your trip. So make sure you always research the climate condition of a place before proceeding to travel to that country.

Traveling from your country to another foreign country especially for the first time can be very challenging but it is ok that is just part of the process of changing environment. All what you have to do is to look at these tips I have put together to get you started and worry no more about how you are going to live in another man’s country, Happy Journey!

“In any undertakings that you choose to take always plan yourself well because a very good planning can yield a very successful result but if you fail to plan well then you are to be blamed for any failure at the end, therefore, plan well and be successful at the end” ~Hassan Conteh

POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

I am Hassan Conteh, a Sierra Leonean, 21 years of age, pursuing Bsc in Computer science at the University of the people. I am a writer, philanthropist, activist, CEO and Founder of Talented Young Leaders Movement and an IT specialist.