POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

Traveling at first can be frustrating especially when it is your first time in your life doing that and this at times may not go down well with some people allergic to traveling at farther distances. That is why it is actually good to get yourself well prepared and ready to take a journey of longer distances and that is why in this article, I just want to highlight few basic things that you might want to consider and look at when you want to travel for the first time in your life.

In the first place, traveling farther distances is not like traveling from home to market or work places but it is a situation wherein you have to take a long ride for at least some hours before reaching your destination. In this vain, you must always make sure you prepare yourself thoroughly before embarking on a journey for your first time and doing so, you must at least try to ask about the particular destination you are trying to travel and make sure you learn few traits about the place whether it is safe or not, which will help ease your tensions if the place is safe and eventually help you be in a convenient mood.

Moving forward, the mindset should be ready to brace up positivity and be prepared for the journey; many at times people fear traveling or get traveling nausea because they carry a lot of negative thinking on their head about traveling. The mind can be quick to trigger your feelings so always think positively like “oh, my anticipation to sit in this bus has already come and I will use this as an opportunity to sway in front and experience the best about my chosen destination”, telling yourself that will help build a positive mindset and safe traveling.

Furthermore, stop judging when you onboard as it may hinder your chances of a safe and healthy traveling. Whatever experience you have on the way, should not be used as a yardstick to judge the destination as at times it is normal to experience bad things on the way like stuck due to technical error or an emergency situation that might delay your traveling. Those are things that are normal and you must expect them, so do not be carried away by such normal circumstances to drift your thoughts to judge.

Finally, be confidence and overcome fear. Lack of confidence and fear can negatively impact your journey and you learn how to overcome them; it is simple to overcome them but takes a little courage and time. Now, here is a thing, never imagine failure and weird things or things you see on televisions like fatal accidents, don’t let those fears overcome you and you must be always ready to fight it by saying to yourself that ‘I can do it if others did’. Be motivated, steadfast and resilient to travel with confidence and without fear.

I believe these few tips will help you leverage your anxiety and fear of taking your first journey in life, stay safe and safe travels.

POSTER: Hassan Conteh

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone

I am Hassan Conteh, a Sierra Leonean, 21 years of age, pursuing Bsc in Computer science at the University of the people. I am a writer, philanthropist, activist, CEO and Founder of Talented Young Leaders Movement and an IT specialist.