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The Tourism industry, Tours and Travel, Hotels, and the entire Hospital industry as being operating very well till 2020. No one thought of anything that can bring this industry to a stand until 2019 when covid 19 started in Wuhan China. By the year 2020 January, February, and March many of us believed the covid 19 effects will remain and end in China only. China Tourists were canceling their African Safari and those who were around terminated their holidays and return back home in time to avoid being locked out.

Everything started to worsen by March 2020, with increased African safari booking cancellations, Airport lockdowns, Countries Lockdown, and many travel advisories were issued. An industry that had thousands of employees came to a standstill without travel plans. The whole world travel industry has really suffered and many left unemployed.

We all believed that covid 19 would end anytime soon but we had to start a new normal and start asking ourselves questions what if the covid 19 will never end? The availability of different vaccines, the Removal of travel advisories, and the opening of airports brought hope to the whole world. For our side Absolute Holiday Safaris we started getting few African Safari bookings as well as other Kenya Safari operators. As we pen down this article the situation is at least better and promising. We hope the world will again be a safe place for travel and many will use the opportunity to quarantine with an African Safari.

Book and received your covidshield wherever you are, book your ticket, and contact a reliable Tour Operator for safari booking of a great African Safari. Absolute Holiday Safaris Team has already received both AstraZeneca vaccines. We are ready to make sure everyone’s health is protected by adhering to all covid 19 protocols to control the spread of this deadly virus.

We have customized several safari packages covering the best Kenya safari destinations, Hiking Mount Kenya. Combined Kenya and Tanzania safari packages, Kenya Safari Holidays, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing among others. Our mission is to avail remarkable African Safari, Create great memories for our clientele and make sure they take back awesome memories with them. Social distancing is maintained in the safari vehicles and we do make sure the hotels, Lodges or camps booked as well adhere to these protocols.

We are ready and open for bookings from the whole world and ready to deliver as per the details shared on the package. More African Safari will be customized as per the client’s request and we will always make sure the best is offered. We remain hopeful that the entire world population will be able to receive the vaccine and there will be no more fear. Our concern goes to colleagues who are still working from home on unpaid leaves, those who have lost their jobs due to the closure of business, and believe life will be better again soon.

Before it was a routine to meet new faces each morning and this was shattered by the covid 19, we are really hoping this will be possible again soon. We welcome those looking forward to making a booking to talk with our consultant teams and they will be assisted to create a great African safari itinerary. We have improved our customer services to make sure all the information is shared and received immediately as well as the necessary assistance offered. We are ready to be the host, Travel Partner, and your caring partners as well; we are not competing with other Kenya Safari Operators but just completing your travel plan. Thanks in advance and feel free to collect any information you will consider necessary to help you plan a great African Safari.

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POSTER: Absolute Holiday Safaris


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